LIVE2024 ~Beverly Birthday Special GIG~ @代々木 LIVE STUDIO LODGE 6/9決定!【ワンマンライブ】
Beverly will appear on “meguri” on Friday, April 19th!
LIVE 2024 ~Beverly Airlines [BC003]~ @TIAT SKY H ALL 2/23 decided! 【one man live】
JU!iE's performance cancellation report and apology
Beverly will appear on “Girls Invasion” on March 10th (Sunday)!
Beverly X'mas special mini live & special event @ Hikarigaoka IMA will be held!
[LIVE] Scheduled to appear on “Super Hero Festival KAMEN RIDER × SUPER SENTAI LIVE & SHOW 2024” on Wednesday, February 7, 2024! !
Beverly X'mas special mini live & special event @ AEON MALL Matsumoto [Nagano] will be held on 12/24!
[Fanmi] Beverly first fan meeting will be held on 12/17!
[Part 2] LIVE 2023 ~ Beverly Airlines [BC002] ~ @TIAT SKY H ALL has been decided! 【one man live】
Continuous distribution of live band LIVE sound source starts today, November 1st! The first one is Be The One (Beverly LIVE from JPN ~B.Avenue~ Ver.)
YOSHIKI will be participating as a vocalist in all performances of CLASSICAL 10th Anniversary World Tour with Orchestra 2023 'REQUIEM'!
Surprise on TV Asahi's "Kamen Rider Gatchard"! The insert song used to accompany the rider kick = “kick song” is Beverly “Rising Fighter”! Distribution will start from the 11th!
Appearance on “LIVES TOKYO 2023” decided!
[Premium/product sales post] LIVE 2023 ~ Beverly Airlines [BC001] ~ @TIAT SKY H ALL decided! 【one man live】
[Updated] Beverly will appear at "ASIA MUSIC CARAVAN in Tochigi" on June 25th (Sun)!
6/17-18 [Okinawa] Beverly Special Mini Live & Bonus Party @ Sanei Okinawa Release Event Decided!
6/3 (Sat) 23:40 Start Saturday Drama "Teio's Long Holiday" Opening Theme "Bumpy"! 6/3 0:00 ~ Urgent delivery decision!
From April 6, 2023, every Thursday at 23:00 "Andante ni Sunadokei" has been decided as the opening theme song for the drama "Our Dining Suna Dokei"!
~Masayu Urino's 40th Anniversary Commemoration Official Project~ Appearance at MIND CIRCUS SPECIAL SHOW "Still, the world is beautiful"!