TOKYO MX音楽情報バラエティ番組 「音ボケPOPS」に出演決定!
July 31st (Sun) Chiba Lotte Marines "BLACK SUMMER WEE KEN D supported by Coolish" event will be Beverly live performance!
Beverly will appear on "Water Rand 2022" on Saturday, August 6th! !! !! Timetable lifted! (postscript)
Beverly 6/28 (Tue) Midnight TBS "PLAYLIST" appearance!
Appear on J-WAVE "JK RADIO TOKYO UNITED"! Live song on the radio!
NEW ALBUM "from JPN" released! "One Vision" MV composed Tetsuya Komuro and written by Beverly has also been unveiled!
"Beverly LIVE from JPN ~ B. Avenue ~" Live broadcast of Shibuya's live performance!
Filipino Expo 2022 will appear on stage on 6/12!
All songs from the new album "from JPN" released on June 17th (Friday) have been unveiled!
Beverly NEW ALBUM be released on June 17th! "From JPN" One-man live will be held on the 19th!
Held on June 19th! The long-awaited one-man live "Beverly LIVE from JPN ~ B. Avenue ~" will be on sale for the first time in two years!
"Beverly Special SPRING ONLINE LIVE 2022" will be held at "NISSIN FOODS POWER STATION [REBOOT]"!
Kamen Rider 50th Anniversary x Super Sentai Series 45 Work Memorial 50 x 45 Thanksgiving Anniversary LIVE & SHOW February 26th (Sat) Beverly will appear on DAY2!
[Live / Distribution available] Appearance at "Cho! Kurai Max ✖️ DIAMOND FES 2021 Supported by Kujilive" to be held at Yoyogi Park on Saturday, December 25th! !!
[Live distribution] 12/26 (Sun) It is decided to appear in the annual special event "Anime JAM 2021" where popular anime works gather at TV TOKYO! !!
November 21st (Sun) "Howdy Buddy" will appear as a guest artist! !!
Dancing entertainment group O-VILS. Will appear in the live performance "We Are O-VILS. Vol.0"!
Beverly September 26th 0: 00- "My Love Goodbye ..." MV release + distribution release decision
[Audience paid distribution, archive extension postscript] Kohsuke Oshima Symphony Suite "LIFE ~TOWA no MUJIN~" will appear as a guest vocalist!
[Postponement of performance] Her performance in the dancing entertainment group O-VILS.'s show "We Are O-VILS. Vol. 1" has been suddenly decided!