[Live / Distribution available] Appearance at "Cho! Kurai Max ✖️ DIAMOND FES 2021 Supported by Kujilive" to be held at Yoyogi Park on Saturday, December 25th! !!
[Live distribution] 12/26 (Sun) It is decided to appear in the annual special event "Anime JAM 2021" where popular anime works gather at TV TOKYO! !!
November 21st (Sun) "Howdy Buddy" will appear as a guest artist! !!
Dancing entertainment group O-VILS. Will appear in the live performance "We Are O-VILS. Vol.0"!
Beverly September 26th 0: 00- "My Love Goodbye ..." MV release + distribution release decision
[Audience paid distribution, archive extension postscript] Kohsuke Oshima Symphony Suite "LIFE ~TOWA no MUJIN~" will appear as a guest vocalist!
[Postponement of performance] Her performance in the dancing entertainment group O-VILS.'s show "We Are O-VILS. Vol. 1" has been suddenly decided!
LIVES project "LIVES Annual 2021" to appear!
Beverly Monthly YouTube LIVE # 9
[Event] April 25th (Sun) "Nazo no Ongakusai" appearance decision! !!
【配信リリース】3月17日(水) ココの英語バージョン「KOKO」配信開始!!
【CD】「LIVE EMPOWER CHILDREN」のテーマソング『My Hero~奇跡の唄~』本日よりCD発売開始!!
【TV】2/23(火・祝) テレビ東京系列「おはスタ」出演決定!!
小児がん治療支援チャリティーライヴ「LIVE EMPOWER CHILDREN2021」のテーマソング『My Hero~奇跡の唄~』の歌唱参加が決定!!
【YouTube生配信】2月20日(土) 21:00~ #Beverly生配信 開催!!
【生配信】2/15(月)小児がん治療支援チャリティーライヴ「LIVE EMPOWER CHILDREN 2021 supported by Aflac」出演決定!!