[Apple Music / Spotify Limited] Beverly new song "Signal" release commemoration!
If you add it to the library, you can get a by drawing lots Signal" a cappella singing videos!
Beverly 's latest song "Signal" has been decided as the image song for Azur Lane "Siren Operation"! Delivery starts on December 30th (Wednesday)!
"Super Hero Festival" KAMEN RIDER LIVE CD will be released on February 10th! !!
"Pocket Monsters the Movie" latest preview video and opening theme "Coco" premiere! !!
Beverly decided to be the opening theme of "Pokemon the Movie"! !!
"The 2nd Urutorausu!" Beverly appearance decision! !!
[LIVE] 2021 2/10 (Wednesday) "Super Hero Festival 2021" appearance decision! !!
11/11 (Wed) "room 8G vol.2" appearance decision! !!
10/11 (Sun) "Philippine EXPO 2020" appearance decision!
[Important] < Beverly LIVE Rally # 02 Abeno ROCKTOWN Performance> Cancellation of transfer performance and refund information
[Live] September 21st (Monday / holiday) New sensation live distribution event "MUSIC GATE vol.3" will appear! !!
Beverly appearance! !
"A a-nation online 2020" timetable released!
Paradise in the Sky Night Tour Special Event
" Star Village ACHI × avex Starry Night Festival" will be held! !!
[Live delivery] August 27 (Thursday) "Beverly Special Streaming Live with Nobuyuki Shimizu" Live delivery live! !!
8/9 (Sun) "Bilibili World 2020" Online appearance from Japan decided!!
[Audience Live] Tonight's 21:00 OPEN REC "Beverly 3rd Anniversary & Birthday Live" special live distribution will be held! Ticket purchase until today!
"Chorus Asobiba" will be held as a special project of "#Abe's Asobiba", a YouTube-specific project for the chorus club support campaign!
6/10 (Wed) Beverly feat. Sota Hanamura (Da-iCE) "Endless Love" will be available! !
[LIVE] 6/30 (Tuesday) 21: 00 ~ OPEN REC "Beverly 3rd Anniversary & Birthday Live" special live distribution decided! !
" Beverly LIVE rally # 02 ~ INFINITY ~" Live digest video release! !