[SHOWROOM]Beverly One Man Live Opening Act Casting Rights Competition Battle will be held!
Thursday, January 9, 2020 11: 35 ~ TV TOKYO "Monday-Friday noon song show Hiruson!" Will appear! !!
Beverly LIVErally # 02 -INFINITY-Reception information
[Aichi] Appearance on radio program decided! ! !
Beverly LIVErally # 02 -INFINITY-Reception information
[Aichi] 12/18 (Wednesday) @ FM "Asunal Kanayama presents SOLIDEMO x Asunal Leisure" Appearance at public recording event! ! !
[Fukuoka] 12/14 (Sat) Midnight 2: 08-3: 00 RKB Mainichi Broadcasting System" CHARTBUSTERS'R'!" Will introduce the "precious" music video!
December 16th (Mon) 26: 20-TV TOKYO "Premier MelodiX!" Will appear! !! !!
Live radio appearance on J-WAVE "JK RADIO TOKYO UNITED" on December 6th (Friday)! !! !!
Sakai Holdings presents SASASHIMA XMAS LIGHTS 2019 appearance decision!
12/4 (Wednesday) 18:45-KSO Premium"Life-Dream of Eternity (MUJIN)-"-How long you can live, you will meet again. -Live streaming decision!
KSO Premium"Life-A dreamer of eternity (MUJIN)-"-How long you can live, you will meet again. -(Omiya Sonic City Hall) Ticket information on the day! ! !
12/7 (Sat) Aichi's @FM "UPBEAT WEE KEN D" public live broadcast will be made a guest appearance! ! !
Beverly KSO Premium Kohsuke Oshima: Symphony Suite “Life-Eternal (TOWA) Dreamer (MUJIN)” Goods Information! ! !
A summary of requests to wired and national radio stations!
From the 3rd album “INFINITY”, “Home” will be distributed in advance from various websites! !
December 7th (Sat), midnight 2: 08- HBC “ Oto Doki! ” Will appear in the comments! !
December 13th (Friday) 22: 00 ~ Space Shower TV “Let's enjoy live 100 times LIVE YEAH !!!” ! !
[Fukuoka / Saga / Oita / Kagoshima] Performance information!