"A New Day", Jutakujohokan"Family Story" Decided in the image song!
Sunshine City We will appear on the Christmas live stage at Fountain Square!
The new song “ Adventure ” has been selected as the theme song for the new chapter “Avalon Sleeping Pumice” of “ Tails Of Asteria ”!
【Fukuoka】 Christmas Market in Hikaru City, Hakata, appearances and ticket signings!
Dec. 14 (Fri) Live appearances decided on four radio programs in Fukuoka Prefecture! ! !
TOKYO SKYTREE® Cast to Christmas Love Song Live! ! !
Beverly Fall / Winter tour, taking out videos, being posted on each news site! ! !
Pre-sale time of CD and purchaser benefits for each performance of "Beverly 2nd JOURNEY "24" ~ Winter ~have been decided!
< Beverly 2nd JOURNEY "24" ~ Winter ~> Commemorative event! Beverly e-mail magazine member present campaign decided !!
Live tour holding commemoration plan second series "Beverly"Twitter Twitter ✖ Instagram present campaign holding! !
HMV仙台 E BeanSにてサイン会の開催が決定!
Date fmにて公開生出演が決定!
『Caretta Illumination 2018 ~ディズニーMovieNEX プリンセスイルミネーション~』
点灯式 出演決定!!!
【名古屋】<Beverly 2nd JOURNEY「24」~ Winter ~>サイン会実施決定!
ライブツアー開催記念企画 第一弾「Beverly」公式Twitterプレゼントキャンペーンを開催!!
2018年秋冬ツアー【Beverly 2nd JOURNEY「24」~ Winter ~】決定!
第3回 KAHOKU MUSIC FES 2018 に出演決定!!
京都新聞創刊140年プレイベント 京響プレミアム 大島こうすけ(作曲家)交響組曲「Life~キミトノセカイ~」出演決定!!!