[Live distribution] 12/26 (Sun) It is decided to appear in the annual special event "Anime JAM 2021" where popular anime works gather at TV TOKYO! !!

Annual special event "Anime JAM 2021" where popular anime works gather on TV TOKYO
Beverly will appear! looking forward to!

"Anime JAM 2021"

Delivery schedule: December 26, 2021 (Sun) 19: 00- (delivery start)
* Delivery time may change without prior notice. Please note that.
Viewing period: Performance start-January 2, 2022 (Sun) 23:59
Distribution platform: MixChannel
Delivery ticket price: 4,200 yen (tax included)
Purchase period: November 19, 2021 (Friday) 18: 00-January 2, 2022 (Sunday) 22:00
Ticket PIA

・ TV animation "Orient"
Yuma Uchida (role of Musashi) / Soma Saito (role of Kojiro Kanemaki) / Rie Takahashi (role of Tsugumi Hattori) / Satoshi Hino (role of Naotora Takeda)
・ TV animation "Shinkansen Henkei Robo Shinkalion Z"
Minami Tsuda (role of Shinta Shin) / Akari Kito (role of Usui Abuto) / Jun Fukuyama (role of Smut)
・ Animation "SKET DANCE"
Hiroyuki Yoshino (role of Bossun) / Ryoko Shiraishi (role of Himeko) / Tomokazu Sugita (role of Switch)
・ TV animation "takt op. Destiny"
Koki Uchiyama (role of Takuto Asahina) / Shion Wakayama (role of Unmei) / Kaede Hondo (role of Anna Schneider) / Miku Ito (role of giant) / Satoshi Hino (role of Lenny)
・ Animation "Waccha PriMagi!"
Chinatsu Hirose (role of Yobino Festival) / Riko Koike (role of Myamu) / Aya Uchida (role of Hina Yayoi) / Rie Hikisaka (role of Chimmu) / Anna Suzuki (role of Remon Kokoro) / Sunao Yoshikawa (role of Charon) Role)

[Casting artist]
Aguri Ohnishi / Anna Suzuki / ChouCho / Beverly / Hitomi Mieno / Mewhan / Kiyono Yasuno

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