【TeamAyu】We are announcing the fan club campaign for "ayumi hamasaki TROUBLE TOUR 2019-2020 A -misunderstood-"!


We are happy to announce the details of the campaign for the official global fan club TeamAyu at each of the "ayumi hamasaki TROUBLE TOUR 2019-2020 A -misunderstood-" venues.

When you're at the venue, don't forget to stop by the fan club booth.

A n n u a l   M e m b e r s h i p
Registration fee 0 yen
Annual membership fee 3,200 yen (Tax Incl.)
*An additional fee of 500 yen (Tax Incl.) will apply.

N e w   A p p l i c a n t   C a m p a i g n
When you apply for membership at the TeamAyu booth, we will give away the original item listed below (while supplies last)!

F r i e n d   R e f e r r a l   C a m p a i g n
When you refer a friend at the TeamAyu booth, we will give away a set of the items listed below to the referred friend as well (while supplies last)!

*When your friend comes to register, please be with your friend and have your digital membership card (DIGITAL LICENSE) ready to show at the TeamAyu booth. 
*The giveaway promotion applies to only one friend referral per one TeamAyu member.

R e n e w a l   C a m p a i g n
When you renew your membership at the TeamAyu booth, we will give away a set of the items listed below (while supplies last)!

*Qualified Members for renewal: Members with memberships available until the end of September 2019.
*You cannot renew your membership after the expiration date.
*If you wish to continue your membership at the venue, you need to have your membership ID number and prepare your DIGITAL LICENSE. Please note that you cannot renew your membership without your membership ID number.
*After receiving your confirmation of continuation email, please select "Convenience store payment" on the web page. You can pay the renewal fee at the convenience stores before it expires even if you are unable to pay at the venue. You can also change the payment methods on your MY PAGE to complete the payment with your credit card. 

N o t e s
*New applicants, friend referrals, and renewals campaigns apply only to those who register (= make payment) at the TeamAyu booth. Please note that those who have already registered on the TeamAyu website will not be eligible for the campaign.
*We accept cash or credit cards (Visa, MasterCard, ID) for all payments at the TeamAyu booth for the above registrations.
*Only one-time payment is accepted when paying with your credit card. Please note that depending on the communication status, credit payments may not be made temporarily. 
*The distribution of items will be while supplies last. We will exchange broken items only on the day on site.
*The TeamAyu booth is also available to those without tickets to "ayumi hamasaki TROUBLE TOUR 2019-2020 A -misunderstood-".
*We plan to open the TeamAyu booth at the same time as the official goods’ sale. The time may change depending on the condition of the booth site on the day of the concert.
(Time of the pre-sale for the official goods:

D i g i t a l   L i c e n s e
Access and log-in to the TeamAyu site, and click on the "DIGITAL LICENSE" banner at the top of the page to show your Digital License.

*TeamAyu Site:
*To show your DIGITAL LICENSE, you will need the TeamAyu membership ID number and password. There is nothing we can do on-site for forgotten ID numbers and passwords, so please be sure to have it prepared beforehand.
*If you accessed your DIGITAL LICENSE on your PC, please print it out and bring it.
*You can also access your Digital License from "MY PAGE" of the TeamAyu site.