moumoon is a group formed by YUKA(Vo./Lyrics)and MASAKI(Composer)in 2005.
The name, moumoon, is a made-up term from the French words “mou”(soft)and “moon” : “Soft moon.” 

Since their major debut with the mini album “love me?” in August of 2007, their songs have been power-played on radio and used in many TV commercials earning them name recognition. Their 7th single “Sunshine Girl,” was released in May of 2010 and has exceeded 1.3 million in download sales.
In 2017, as the milestone of their 10th anniversary, their first ‘best of’ album “FULLMOON” and its acoustic album “ACOMOON” were released. 

In 2019, their 8th album “NEWMOON” was released and the duo held the album tour “moumoon live tour 2019 -NEWMOON-.” They held their annual live show “FULLMOON LIVE SPECIAL ~Chushu no Meigetsu~” and afterwards MASAKI will start focusing on working behind the scenes. So, there will be a newborn moumoon, with YUKA working by herself starting in 2020.