[Important] Announcing the cancellation of all shows in the "ayumi hamasaki TROUBLE TOUR 2020 A(ロゴ) ~サイゴノトラブル~"


Thank you for continuing to support ayumi hamasaki.

After thorough consideration of the recent coronavirus infection situation both in Japan and overseas and with the safety of our customers as our top priority, we have decided to cancel all 36 shows of the "ayumi hamasaki TROUBLE TOUR 2020 A(ロゴ) ~サイゴノトラブル~", including those that were already postponed.

We sincerely apologize to the customers who have been looking forward to the performance, but we kindly ask for your understanding.

We apologize for announcing the cancellation of the tour just before its beginning. We have been examining the ever-changing situation day by day.

Avex Management Inc.
Avex Entertainment Inc.


To everyone who has been looking forward to "サイゴノトラブル"

After we had numerous discussions with all of us performers on stage, and all tour staff, then considering the safety of everyone who comes to the venue as the top priority, we determined that it is difficult to implement perfect infection prevention measures at this point. The tour just started with only two days of initial performances in Saitama, but we decided to cancel all of the remaining 36 performances. I feel genuinely sorry for causing this inconvenience to everyone who has been looking forward to it.
I apologize from the bottom of my heart.

After a long and tough preparation period, the performances finally started. It was then that the request to stay home got issued, so it was hard for members, all of the staff, and everyone. In such a situation, all we could do was ask you to wait, and then, in the end, we had to make an announcement this one, and it tears my heart.

Actually, after the 38 performances of the "サイゴノトラブル" tour, we were planning to hold an arena tour.
The styles may slowly continue to change compared to before. Still, we will continue to make stage performances, never giving up on the power of entertainment, and believing that holding this arena tour becomes a dream for everyone full of positive energies. Let's be sure to meet again!! !

Finally, I pray from the bottom of my heart that the novel coronavirus infection situation settles down as soon as possible and that you and your loved ones can get back the kind days where you could live safely in terms of mind and body.

Thank you for reading this long message until the end.

ayumi hamasaki


*All purchased tickets will be refunded following the cancellation of the tour.
We will announce the details of the refund process on the ayumi hamasaki Official Website in due time.
The ticket you purchased will be required for the refund, so please keep it safe in the meantime.