【TeamAyu】We are announcing a fan club campaign for New Applicants, Friend Referrals, and Renewals at the venue of the "ayumi hamasaki COUNTDOWN LIVE 2018-2019 A -TROUBLE-"!


We will announce the details of the campaign of the official global fan club TeamAyu at the venue of  "ayumi hamasaki COUNTDOWN LIVE 2018-2019 A -TROUBLE-", a countdown live in two years, the final one of the Heisei era.
When you're at the venue, don't forget to stop by the fan club booth!
<1>New Applicants, Friend Referrals, and Renewals Campaigns
The contents will be the same as the current campaign for "ayumi hamasaki LIVE TOUR -TROUBLE- 2018-2019 A".
For more details, check the link below!
【Fan club Booth】
Venue:Tokyo International Forum -Hall A
Time: from 6pm on December 31, 2018
*We plan to open the TeamAyu booth at the same time as the official goods pre sale. The time may move around depending on the condition of the booth site on the day of the concert.
【Annual Membership】
Registration fee 0 yen
Annual membership fee 3,200 yen (Tax Incl.)
*An additional fee of 500 yen (Tax Incl.) will apply.
*For new applicants joining at the venue, the joining date will be December 31, 2018 even if you join on January 1, 2019.
*Those with memberships expiring on December 31, 2018 are eligible to apply at the venue. In which case, even if the renewal date is January 1, 2019, the expiration date of the next membership will be December 31, 2019.
<2>"Large-sized card" Giveaway Campaign
We are giving away large-sized cards (countdown live limited) to all TeamAyu members.
Come receive the original gift as a concert memoir!
【Members eligible for the gift】
Those who are members of TeamAyu on the day of the concert (December 31).
*Those that join at the venue are also eligible.
*Those with expired memberships will not be eligible.
【How to receive your gift】
1. Access and log-in to the TeamAyu website and have your "DIGITAL LICENSE" ready.
2. Show your "DIGITAL LICENSE" at the exchange booth.
3. Receive your large-sized card after we confirm your ID!

TeamAyu website:

*The large-sized cards will be distributed at the fan club booth (scheduled to start from 6pm on the day).
*To show your DIGITAL LICENSE, you will need the TeamAyu membership number and password. Those who forget their membership number or password will not be able to redeem your gift at the venue, so please be sure to come prepared.
*If you accessed your DIGITAL LICENSE on your PC, please print it out and bring it.
*One membership number is eligible for one gift. You cannot redeem two gifts.
*If one person has multiple membership numbers, you will be able to exchange for one number, but will have to queue for each number as we will only hand out one card at a time.
*Please make sure that the person on the name of the membership is redeeming the gift.
*Large-sized cards will be distributed while supplies last. We will exchange broken item only on the day on site. Please note that we will not accept any inquiries after this day.
*The Fan club booth is also available to those without tickets to " ayumi hamasaki COUNTDOWN LIVE 2018-2019 A -TROUBLE-".