昨年、2017年5月13日よりスタートした「ayumi hamasaki Just the beginning」の会場で配布していた、20周年記念スペシャルカードの引き換え特典を発表!

このカードをお持ちの方は、「ayumi hamasaki ARENA TOUR 2018 ~POWER of MUSIC 20th A(ロゴ)nniversary~」の各会場で実施している、TeamAyuブースにてスペシャル特典と引き換えさせていただきます♪







[STEP 1]

[STEP 2]

[STEP 3]


デジタル会員証は、TeamAyuサイト【DIGITAL LICENSE】より表示をお願いします。





Announcing the exchange bonus for the 20th anniversary special card distributed at the venue of "ayumi hamasaki Just the beginning" that started from May 13th 2017 last year!

Those who have this card can exchange it for a special bonus at the TeamAyu booth at each venue of "ayumi hamasaki ARENA TOUR 2018 ~POWER of MUSIC 20th Anniversary~" ♪

★☆The card that can be used to exchange for the bonus ☆★

★☆Special bonus☆★
Stainless steel mirror
*The case color is a limited edition color only available as a special card exchange bonus.

【Target person】
Those who have a valid fan club membership on the day that they go for the concert
Those who have the special card

Those who have the special card but whose fan club membership has expired can re-register and come to the venue with after they receive their new member number to do the exchange.

[Exchange start time/participating concerts]
Distribution will be started from each performance and goods early sale time.
Please confirm the following schedule for the goods leading selling time.

[What to bring on the day]
Digital membership card (a printout is fine)
Special card

【Redemption method】
[STEP 1]
Prepare the fan club digital membership card and special card

[STEP 2]
Show your digital membership card and special card at the exchange window of the TeamAyu booth at each venue.

[STEP 3]
Once they have checked your membership, you will receive your bonus.

Click here for the TeamAyu site!

The digital membership card can be accessed from the DIGITAL LICENSE on the TeamAyu site.
Those who access it on the computer should print it out and bring it with them. Also, as TeamAyu is a site recommended for smartphones and computers, it is incompatible with flip hpones. Please print it out from your computer and bring it with you.

[*Make sure to take note*]
*Exchanges can only be done by members themselves. We do not do exchanges for stand-ins.
*Those who did not bring their special cards cannot do the exchange, with no exceptions.
*Each member can receive one bonus with their digital membership card and special card.
Those with multiple accounts and only one special card can receive only one bonus. Also, those with multiple special cards cannot receive the same number of bonuses as cards so please tkae note.
*Please do not share special cards to exchange for the bonus.
*Each concert has a limited number of bonuses. You might not be able to receive it on the day itself so please take note. If that happens, we will not send it to you at a later date.
*Those who cannot come to the venue will not be able to do the exchange for the bonus so please take note. We will not send it to you even if we receive an inquiry from you.

Those who do not abide by the rules above will not be allowed to receive the bonus.

【Other precautions】
*We will only entertain flaws with the bonus on the day of the exchange. Any inquiries thereafter will not be entertained.