【TeamAyu限定】「ayumi hamasaki ARENA TOUR 2018 ~POWER of MUSIC 20th A(ロゴ)nniversary~」会場限定ミサンガ配布決定!!


いよいよ、4月7日さいたまスーパーアリーナを皮切りにスタートする「ayumi hamasaki ARENA TOUR 2018 ~POWER of MUSIC 20th A(ロゴ)nniversary~」。

その各会場にて『ayumi hamasaki ARENA TOUR 2015 A(ロゴ) Cirque de Minuit ~真夜中のサーカス~』で大好評だった「オリジナル公演日別ミサンガ」が復活!!




[STEP ①]
TeamAyuサイトにアクセス・ログインし【DIGITAL LICENSE】を表示

[STEP ②]


※【DIGITAL LICENSE】を表示させるには、TeamAyuの会員番号とパスワードが必要になります。
予め【DIGITAL LICENSE】の画像保存をお願いいたします。
※【DIGITAL LICENSE】をPCで表示された方は、プリントアウトしてご持参ください。

※ファンクラブブースのオープン時間はグッズ販売開始と同じ時間を予定しております。※【DIGITAL LICENSE】はPC・スマートフォン対応です。PCで表示させた場合は、その画面をプリントアウトしてお持ち下さい。フィーチャーフォンの対応は推奨しておりません。
※過去に配布していた、会員証では引き換えられません。必ず【DIGITAL LICENSE】をご準備ください。


On April 7th, the "ayumi hamasaki ARENA TOUR 2018: POWER of MUSIC 20th Anniversary" will finally start in Saitama Super Arena!!

Each concert venue will see the return of the hugely popular "original concert one day limited edition misanga" from "ayumi hamasaki ARENA TOUR 2015 A Cirque de Minuit ~Midnight Circus~"! !

This time, as ayu herself requested, the misanga will have a message written by her personally (printed)!
It will be first come first serve, so please check it out!

[Distribution time/concert] *Each concert will have a different colored misanga.
Each concert will start its distribution from the goods advance sales time.
Please check the schedule below for the goods' advanced sales times.

[Eligible for exchange]
TeamAyu members, on the day of the concert
*Those who have exceeded the effective period will not be eligible for the distribution.

[How to exchange]
[STEP ①]
Access and log in to the TeamAyu site and show the DIGITAL LICENSE

[STEP ②]
Show the DIGITAL LICENSE at the TA booth at each venue

The TeamAyu site is here!

*To show the DIGITAL LICENSE, you will need a TeamAyu member number and password.
Those who forgot their member number of password will not be able to receive help at the venue on the day itself, so please prepare beforehand.
*Depending on the time period, it might be difficult to access the site.
Thus, please save the DIGITAL LICENSE image.
*Those who accessed the DIGITAL LICENSE on their computers, please print it out and bring it.

* Please use caution!
*One member number is eligible for one exchange at each concert. You cannot exchange two times or more.
*If one person has multiple member numbers, you will be able to exchange for one number every time you queue. Those who have multiple member numbers have to queue again.
*You can do the exchange even if you do not have a ticket.
We do not accept "Digital Membership Card with QR Code" other than those with your own name.
*We will cease distribution once we run out of misangas.
Exchange of prizes will only be limited to the day itself. Please take note that we will not entertain any inquiries thereafter.
*The fan club booth is scheduled to open at the same time that goods sales start. *DIGITAL LICENSE can be accessed from the computer or smartphone. If accessing from the computer, please print out the image. We do not recommend the use of feature phones.
*You cannot use membership cards that were distributed in the past to do the exchange. Please make sure to prepare the DIGITAL LICENSE.