【TeamAyu限定】ayumi hamasaki 『Just the beginning -20- TOUR 2017』第3章、TAサイト限定特集ページ継続実施!さらに、抽選賞品追加決定!


ayumi hamasaki 『Just the beginning -20- TOUR 2017』第3章でも、TAサイト内にて特集ページの継続が決定!さらに、TeamAyu Special Lotteryに新たな賞品が追加されます♪


■Content [1]:TeamAyu Special Lottery
各公演日の深夜0:00より、特集ページ内【TeamAyu Special Lottery】で1日1回参加できます!

・TeamAyu Award:☆シークレット☆ 全公演合計 10名様
・Just the beginning Award:ポストカード全セット 各公演抽選50名様
★NEW★I Love ayu Award:TeamAyuスタッキングカップ(Special Lotteryオリジナルカラー)各会場50名様



※「TeamAyu Special Lottery」は各公演にご来場の方専用となります。

■Content [2]:A Photo

■Content [3]:A Keyword


12月2日(土)和歌山県民文化会館 大ホール公演の場合
例:12月2日(土) 23:59まで投稿可能。0:00以降は投稿不可

詳しくは、TeamAyuサイト【ayumi hamasaki 『Just the beginning -20- TOUR 2017』


Check out our executive webpage for "ayumi hamasaki Just the beginning" the 3nd chapter at TeamAyu website!
Also, new prizes are added for TeamAyu Special Lottery.

■Content[1]:TeamAyu Special Lottery
Enter to win prizes online♪
Join at 【TeamAyu Special Lottery】on new executive webpage once a day from 0:00 am (JST) on each concert day!

TeamAyu Award:☆secret☆, a total of 10 people from all concerts
Just the beginning Award:a full set of postcards, 50 people from each concert
★NEW★I Love ayu Award:TeamAyu stacking cup(Special Lottery Original color), 50 people from each concert

★Image of TeamAyu stacking cup(Special Lottery Original color)★

*The color of actual one will be different from the color on this photo.

【When to participate】
From 0:00am(JST) to the end of the concert time on each concert day
*You cannot enter except the time mentioned above.

【When to claim prizes】
From the beginning of the pre-sale time to 20 minutes after the concert ends on each concert day
*You cannot claim prizes except the time mentioned above.

*1 membership number lets you enter once per concert.
*Only those who attend the concerts can participate in the "TeamAyu Special Lottery."
Although it is possible for those not at the concert to participate, it will be invalid if you win.
*Although people without tickets can participate, there may be instances that you would not be able to come to the TA booth depending on the time. In that case, please consult the staff at the venue.
*You can get one prize per one win.
*You can revisit the winning page by pressing "Result" button.
*For those who have become TeamAyu members on that day, you can participate in the "TeamAyu Special Lottery" once membership numbers are issued.

■Content[2]:A Photo
See photos from live performances☆
We will announce you when new contents are uploaded♪

■Content[3]:A Key word
Enter to win a special prize simply by posting the key words found at the TA fan club booth of each venue with your comment of the concert!

※Key words are only available at the TA fan club booth which is located at each venue. Please do not share the keywords online.
※Please be careful not to enter the wrong keywords since you will not be able to modify your post afterwards.
※Prizes will be shipped via mail. We will email the results only to those who have won. We cannot answer any questions about the results.
※Please post your keywords within the day of the concert.

ex) In the case of the concert on December 2nd at Wakayama Kenmin Bunkakaikan
You can post until 11:59 pm(JST) on December 2nd and cannot post after 0:00 am(JST) on December 3rd.

You can find the details at 【ayumi hamasaki 『Just the beginning -20- TOUR 2017』Special】from TeamAyu website♪♪