【TeamAyu Limited】ayumi hamasaki "Just the beginning -20- TOUR 2017" The 3rd Chapter TeamAyu advanced ticket reservation for oversea members


ayumi hamasaki "Just the beginning -20- TOUR 2017" The 3rd Chapter TeamAyu advanced ticket reservation for oversea members information is finally announced!

Please read the following information carefully before applying for tickets.

★Postcard giveaway for TeamAyu who purchases a ticket on a first come, first served basis!

Bring your ticket purchased from TeamAyu ticket reservation to fan club booth on the day of the concert.
You have a chance to receive a postcard on a first come, first served basis!

Find more details!


【Important Notice】
▼[Qualified Members]
You can apply for tickets if you completed registration before Sunday September 17th, 2017 23:59 and have valid membership after September 2017.

◆This ticket reservation website is ONLY available for oversea members.
If you have registered your current residential addresses outside Japan as of September 17th, you can apply for tickets from this website.

[Ticket Price]
★Reserved seating: 8,800 yen (Tax included)
*Children aged over 6 years are required tickets. (Children aged under 6 years old are not required tickets unless they need individual seats.)
*One application up to four tickets per member.
*This is not a special designed ticket called "Picture ticket".

【Advanced ticket information】
■Entry term
Friday September 22nd, 2017 15:00 - Wednesday September 27th, 2017 23:59 (JST)
*Result announcement is scheduled to announce on October 4th, 2017.

*All fares will be automatically withdrawn by your credit card if you win the lottery.
*please be noticed that there is a possibility that you may win all of your requested tickets.
*No refund or claims are accepted.

■If you are unable to pick up tickets at the venue.
Please inform us name of person who picks up the tickets on your behalf in advance.
Pick-up person must have one of valid photo identifications. We will give tickets to the
person after we confirm the name you provide to us.
We are unable to give tickets to person who picks up tickets on your behalf if The Advance Notification is not sent to OFFICIAL GLOBAL FANCLUB TeamAyu in advance.

【The Advance Notification Form】

【Required Information】
Subject:Ticket Pick-Up Notification
Send us the following information:
The date of concert

Number of Ticket
Name of person who picks up tickets
*Please read the instruction carefully to prevent misunderstandings and troubles.

▼Find more details from the following URL.
*Please note that each event has a different ticket reservation URL.

[December 2nd / Wakayama]

[December 3rd / Nara]

[December 7th / Tochigi]

[December 8th / Gunma]

[December 14th / Niigata]

[December 15th / Toyama]

[December 20th / Nagasaki]

[December 21st / Kagoshima]

[December 25th / Chiba]

[December 26th / Chiba]

[December 31st / Tokyo]

[January 5th / Saitama]

[January 6th / Ibaraki]

[January 9th / Kyoto]

[January 10th / Shiga]

[January 14th / Fukushima]

[January 15th / Miyagi]

[January 21st / Hokkaido]

[January 29th / Aichi]

[January 30th / Aichi]

[January 31st / Aichi]

[February 5th / Hyogo]

[February 6th / Hyogo]

[February 11st / Iwate]

[February 12nd / Aomori]

[February 19th /Okinawa]

[February 20th /Okinawa]

*You are required to complete "livepocket" registration to apply for tickets.
*You are required to enter your fan club membership ID number and your birth date as password.

[Important Notice]
*You need to exchange to your actual ticket on the day of the concert at the venue. Details will be announced on the official website once they come in.
*ONLY tickets sale is available. There are NO Ticket + Flight packages.
*Fan Club Pre-order Ticket Lottery is a pre-sale for Fan Club members before tickets go on sale in public. Entering into the lottery does not guarantee tickets or "the best in house" or "front row" seating.
*Please read the instructions carefully to prevent misunderstandings. We are not responsible any troubles and ticket cancellation.
*Please contact us by "CONTACT" form if you have troubles or inquires about ticket reservation. We cannot response to your inquires after the sale is ended or
*You cannot cancel tickets you requested after your orders are completed. Please check your schedule before you order.
*Please contact us in plenty of time if you have troubles or inquires about ticket reservation during our business hours before the sale is over.
*You cannot change the date or numbers of tickets after the sales term is ended.
*You must pick up the actual ticket on the day of the concert. More details will be announced once they come in.
*You have to solve the problems happening on the day of concert when the performance is carried out by negotiating with a person in charge at the spot/venue. We cannot handle it as we cannot confirm the fact even if you report it to Fan Club after the event days.
*We cannot cooperate or give you a permission to carry out any events made by fans during a concert.
*We are not responsible for your accommodation and transportation fees in any situations.