「a-nation island powered by dTV」にてファンクラブ限定グッズを販売!/Fan Club Original Merchandise Information at "a-nation island powered by dTV"!


いよいよ、7月29日(金)から「a-nation island powered by dTV」がスタート!

【缶バッジ】1個 ¥500(全6種類の中からランダム)

【a-nation islandファンクラブ限定グッズ購入方法】
※「a-nation island powered by dTV」でのファンクラブオリジナル限定アイテムの販売は、「缶バッジ」のみとなります。

【a-nation island販売期間および場所】
・販売場所:「a-nation island」エリア内に設置するオフィシャルグッズ販売ブース


[Button] 500 yen each (Tax Included) (Randomly selected from 6 designs)
This is the Official Fan Club Buttons!!
They are original designed 75mm sized buttons using artist photos and the official logo!
You can enjoy decorating your room and put on your bag pack!! 

[How to buy Fan Club Original Merchandise at a-nation stadium fes.]
*Show your fan club membership card/digital license or log in fan club website to display "a-nation digital license" and show your digital ID to the staff.
*You can download "a-nation digital license" after July 27th.
*If you don't have your fan club membership card, display a-nation digital license. You must show either your membership card or a-nation digital license to purchase goods. You cannot purchase items by showing "Log-in Page".
*You cannot purchase goods if you don't know your ID because you don't receive a registration completion email. Please leave plenty of time as it may take weeks to receive it.
*No battery chargers available at Fan Club Booth.
*You can purchase goods sold at venues.
*Connecting problems to the site may occur due to a congested network. Please save your Digital ID page on your mobile phone.
*The items are limited per day. The event will end when the stock has been out.
*Items available at "a-nation island powered by dTV" is buttons only.

[a-nation island Merchandise Sale and Location]
Merchandise Sale: Friday July 29th to Thursday August 4th
*Location: Merchandise sale booth
*Fan Club booth will be opened when a-nation island events start.
*Opening time will be announced on a-nation Official Website when it's confirmed.