【English Information】the 15th Anniversary Edition of the album "A(ロゴ) BEST"


ayumi hamasaki announces the 15th Anniversary Edition of the album "A(ロゴ) BEST", which sold over 5 million copies worldwide!!

To commemorate the released album "A(ロゴ) BEST" 15 years ago, ayu announced the release date of the premium album "A(ロゴ) BEST -15th Anniversary Edition-" will be on the same date of its release, March 28th, 2016. "A(ロゴ) BEST" was sold over 5 million copies worldwide and placed 6th of Oricon Album Ranking in its history.

Stephen Marcussen, the owner of Marcussen Mastering in Hollywood, California has worked for artists such as The Rolling Stones and Paul McCartney, and he mastered all 16 songs recorded in the album.
Deluxe Edition Package includes High resolution video clip on Blu-ray.
Anniversary book has hand written lyric notes, "A(ロゴ) BEST" liner notes from people related and behind the scene photos when the famous "Tears" jacket picture was taken.
Also the package includes an original T-shirt randomly selected from 7 different designs.

<Product Information>
"A(ロゴ) BEST -15th Anniversary Edition-"
ayumi hamasaki
2016.3.28 in stores

<<Deluxe Edition Package>>
First Print Limited Edition
CD+Blu-ray+DVD+Anniversary BOOK+Sumapura App+Original T-shirt(Random selection)

01 A Song for XX
02 Trust 
03 Depend on you 
04 LOVE ~Destiny~ 
05 TO BE 
06 Boys & Girls 
07 Trauma 
08 End roll 
09 appears 
10 Fly high 
11 vogue 
12 Far away 
15 M
16 Who... 

[videoclip:Blu-ray (High-resolution)]
01 Trust 
02 Depend on you 
03 LOVE ~Destiny~ 
04 TO BE 
05 Boys & Girls 
06 appears 
07 Fly high 
08 vogue Far away SEASONS
10 M

The same content on the Blu-ray.
[Anniversary Book with premium photos, documents and interviews.]
[An Original T-shirt randomly selected from 7 designs]
[Luxury Box Design]

<<Regular Package>>
CD+Sumapula app
The same content in Deluxe Edition Package.