8/5リリース ミニ・アルバムタイトル決定 & 商品情報更新!!



仲間由紀恵主演のNHKドラマ10「美女と男子」主題歌としてオンエア中の「Step by step」に加えて、台湾の人気ボーイズ・グループSpeXial(読み:スペシャル)とのコラボ曲「Sayonara feat. SpeXial」(Produced by DAISHI DANCE)の収録も決定!

夏らしい爽やかさと切なさを携えたPOPチューン等、バラエティに富んだ全5曲を収録予定!DVD/Blu-rayにはvideo clip3本とmaking clip、計6映像を収録予定!

★「Step by step」
NHKドラマ10「美女と男子」主題歌「Step by step」
NHK 総合 毎週火曜 午後10:00~10:48 <連続20回>

★「Sayonara feat. SpeXial」
台湾を中心に現在人気急上昇中の新星ボーイズグループ”SpeXial”とのコラボレーション曲。プロデュースはBIGBANG「Haru Haru」などを手がけアジアでも絶大な人気を誇るDJ/プロデューサー”DAISHI DANCE”。ayuとSpeXialで撮り下ろしたされたミュージック・ビデオにも注目!(8/5『sixxxxxx』に収録)
台湾の人気グループF4、飛輪海(フェイルンハイ)を送り出してきた事務所から登場した“eXtra Special”な10人組ボーイズ・グループ。
メンバーは『終極三國』や『終極一班2(不良<ヤンキー>ですね)』『終極一班3』などの人気ドラマや日台共同制作ドラマ『GTO TAIWAN』などに出演。

CD+DVD AVCD-93157/B 2,800円+税
CD+Blu-ray AVCD-93158/B 3,200円+税
CD AVCD-93159 1,800円+税

[Disc-1]CD 3形態共通
・Step by step(NHKドラマ10「美女と男子」主題歌)
・Sayonara feat. SpeXial
他 全5曲収録予定

・Step by step(video clip)
・Sayonara feat. SpeXial(video clip)
・タイトル未定(video clip)
・Step by step(making clip)
・Sayonara feat. SpeXial(making clip)
・タイトル未定(making clip)


ayumi hamasaki announces the title of her new mini album releasing on August 5th! 
Check the latest information about the album!

ayu releases the 2nd album in summer 2015, "sixxxxxx"

The album includes "Step by step" the theme song for Japan NHK's drama "BEAUTY AND THE FELLOW", and "Sayonara feat. SpeXial" (Produced by DAISHI DANCE) the song collaborated with SpeXial, one of popular artists in Taiwan!

Total 5 songs that feature on the album with good variety! DVD/Blu-ray includes three video clips and three making clips!

* All times in Japan Standard Time (JST)

<Songs featured in the album>
"Step by step"
Theme song for Japan NHK's drama 10 "BEAUTY AND THE FELLOW" starring Nakama Yukie broadcasting on TV from Tuesday April 14th 2015 - Tuesday August 25th, 2015.
This is the digital single and will be released on July 1st, 2015
The music video will be included in the album "sixxxxxx"!!

Theme song for Japan NHK's drama 10 "BEAUTY AND THE FELLOW" starring Nakama Yukie.
[Broadcast on TV] Tuesday April 14th 2015 - Tuesday August 25th, 2015
It's on Tuesday nights from 22:00 to 22:48 <20 Episodes>

"Sayonara feat. SpeXial"
This is the song collaborated with "SpeXial", one of popular artists in Taiwan.
The song is produced by DAISHI DANCE who composed BIGBANG "Haru Haru" and he is the one of the most famous DJ/producer in Asia. ayu and SpeXial shot their music video for the new song, don't miss it!!

Who is SpeXial?
SpeXial is a Taiwanese boy band consisting of 10 young male singers from a Taiwan entertainment company which has produced F4 and Fahrenheit.
Some members acted in K.O.3an Guo, KO One Return, KO ONE Re-act and GTO TAIWAN (Japan-Taiwan collaboration drama), their previous years of acting in drama have been successful.
They are the most popular and famous dance boys group.

On Sale: August 5th, 2015
Release item: Mini Album
CD+DVD  AVCD-93157/B 2,800yen (Tax Included)
CD+Blu-ray  AVCD-93158/B 3,200yen (Tax Included)
CD  AVCD-93159 1,800yen (Tax Included)

[Product Information]
*Step by step (Theme song for Japan NHK's drama 10 "BEAUTY AND THE FELLOW")
*Sayonara feat. SpeXial
(Total 5 songs included)

・Step by step (video clip)
・Sayonara feat. SpeXial (video clip)
・As-yet-untitled song (video clip)
・Step by step (making clip)
・Sayonara feat. SpeXial (making clip)
・As-yet-untitled song (making clip)