【TeamAyu限定】ayumi hamasaki COUNTDOWN LIVE 2014-2015 A(ロゴ) Cirque de Minuit ~真夜中のサーカス~』会場施策決定!!


TeamAyu会員の方限定で、カウントダウンライヴ会場に足を運んでいただくと、"TeamAyu LOTTERY STICKER 2014-2015 Ver."を先着順でプレゼント♪♪♪
今年も、"TeamAyu LOTTERY"の実施が決定!!
"TeamAyu LOTTERY STICKER 2014-2015 Ver."ライナップ
●「Terminal」 Ver.
●「Zutto.../Last minute/Walk」CD Ver.
●「Zutto.../Last minute/Walk」TeamAyu盤 Ver.

今年最後の運を『ayumi hamasaki COUNTDOWN LIVE 2014-2015 A(ロゴ) Cirque de Minuit ~真夜中のサーカス~』会場で試そう!!

※"TeamAyu LOTTERY STICKER 2014-2015 Ver"の絵柄は選べません。またステッカーがなくなり次第、配布を終了いたします。





※1会員番号につき、1公演で"TeamAyu LOTTERY STICKER"1枚のお渡しになります。

【Limited for TeamAyu】"ayumi hamasaki COUNTDOWN LIVE 2014-2015 A(ロゴ) Cirque de Minuit ~Midnight circus~" Special events of the day announcement!!

TeamAyu members visiting to Countdown concert will receive "TeamAyu LOTTERY STICKER 2014-2015 Ver." on a first come, first served basis♪♪♪
Perticipate "TeamAyu LOTTERY" game!
Winners will receive a CD cover sized sticker randomly selected from 3 different images used for singles in 2014!

"TeamAyu LOTTERY STICKER 2014-2015 Ver." Lineup!
●「Terminal」 Ver.
●「Zutto.../Last minute/Walk」CD Ver.
●「Zutto.../Last minute/Walk」TeamAyu Ver.
If you are lucky members winning "LUCKY! Card" inside, you will receive a luxurious prize★
Check luxurious prizes at the venue!!

Try your luck at the last minute at "ayumi hamasaki COUNTDOWN LIVE 2014-2015 A(ロゴ) Cirque de Minuit ~Midnight circus~" !!

※"TeamAyu LOTTERY STICKER 2014-2015 Ver" are randomly selected. The event will end when the stock has been out.
※LUCKY! Card can be exchanged only for the day of the event. Any requests after the event are not acceptable.

【Join the lottery and exchange for prizes】
Access to the following URL to log in. 
Display "the digital membership ID with QR code" of TeamAyu and show it to the staff at the fan club booth on the day of the event.

※One chance to try "TeamAyu LOTTERY" game every day from 29th, 30th  and 31st.
※You can try the lottery without concert tickets.
※The digital membership ID is available for smartphones only. Print out your ID from PC to draw the lottery if you use future phones.
※Fan Club booth will be opened when the sale of goods starts.

【the digital membership ID with QR code】

You need to enter your ID number and password in order to display your digital membership ID.
We will not provide your personal information to you at the venue, so please prepare your ID in advance.

▼Important Notice
※Please use your own-named ID to draw the lottery. The ID which cannot be identified is not acceptable.
※One "TeamAyu LOTTERY STICKER" is available per membership ID per day.
※Members having multiple IDs can draw twice at once. 
Please go back to the end and wait in line again to draw more than one time.
※Connecting problems to the site may occur due to a congested network. Please save your Digital ID page on your mobile phone.