SINGLE 「Zutto... / Last minute / Walk」発売記念グッズ販売!


NEWデザインの瓶にayuオリジナルカラーのリボンとSINGLE 「Zutto... / Last minute / Walk」の発売日がデザインされたボトルラベルは、ファンのみなさんにとってはもちろんのこと、クリスマスプレゼントとして大切な人への贈り物として絶対に喜ばれるデザイン。


SINGLE 「Zutto... / Last minute / Walk」発売記念 加湿器 ¥6,400(税込)

2014年12月12日19:00~12月18日23:59までにお申し込み頂いた方 → 2014年12月24日(水)
2014年12月19日0:00 以降にお申込み頂いた方 → 2014年12月25日(木)以降随時


2014年12月12日19:00~ → 2014年12月25日(木)以降随時お届け


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The Limited Edition Vidrio was released to celebrate her new SINGLE "Zutto... / Last minute / Walk" !

Ayumi Hamasaki has collaborated with a Personal supersonic wave humidifier "Vidrio" which has been a topic of conversation on SNS this year!

The special item is designed for celebrating her new single and it has ayu original colored ribbon and the released date on the label.
This is a perfect gift for yourself and for someone you care about for a Christmas gift.

The feminine design bottle makes your desk and your bedroom beautiful and looks nice.
You can take it to anywhere and easily humidify it by pouring water and connecting to the USB power supply.
It gives you comfortable environment anywhere you want!

The Limited Edition Vidrio comes with a Christmas ornament card with ayu's messages for only TeamAyu members!!
They will be sent to you on Christmas Eve by ordering before the following dates☆

Limited Edition Vidrio for celebrating a new SINGLE "Zutto... / Last minute / Walk"
6,400yen (Tax Included)

<TeamAyu members>※The dates are for TA residents in Japan.
★Vidrio with a Christmas ornament card
★Date of sale/delivery
Order between 19:00 December 12, 2014 until 23:59 December 18, 2014 → Delivery on Wednesday December 24, 2014
Order after 0:00 December 19, 2014 → Deliver after Thursday December 25, 2014

<TeamAyu non-members>
★Date of sale/delivery
Order from 19:00 December 12, 2014 → Deliver after Thursday December 25, 2014

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