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【募集終了】SUPER EUROBEAT クリエイターアレンジ・コンペティション


SUPER EUROBEATシリーズ30周年を記念して、どなたでも参加いただけるユーロビートアレンジコンペを開催いたします!

課題曲:恋音と雨空 - SWEET BOX
  • 恋音と雨空 - SWEET BOX アカペラ音源
  • 恋音と雨空 - SWEET BOX アカペラ音源 No EFX


・審査後、優秀作品につきましてはSUPER EUROBEAT公式YouTubeチャンネル(https://www.youtube.com/user/sebofficial)にてプレイリストでの掲載をさせていただきます。


・ハッシュタグ「#SEB30years」をつけて投稿された動画は、投稿後、SUPER EUROBEAT YouTube公式チャンネルに掲載される場合があることを予め了解の上、投稿して下さい。

■エイベックス カスタマーサポート

SUPER EUROBEAT track arrangement competition

To commemorate the 30th anniversary of SUPER EUROBEAT Series, we are holding a
Eurobeat track arrangement competition open to anyone!
Song: Koiototo Amazora - SWEET BOX
  • Koiototo Amazora - SWEET BOX Acappella
  • Koiototo Amazora - SWEET BOX Acappella No EFX

The a cappella file of the song is now available for free download on the official website. Make
your own Eurobeat arrangement and apply for the competition!
Entry process
・ Download the a cappella free from the official website and make you track using the a
cappella. (You can choose from the standard “dry” version or the “wet” version with effects.)
・ When you complete your arrangement, upload it to your YouTube account with the hashtag
#SEB30years. ※Please make sure to check your share settings so all users are able to view
your post.
・ Our staff will check arrangements are posted on YouTube with the hashtag #SEB30years
and evaluate. (The evaluation will be for the track/arrangement only, so the video can
be just a still image.)
・ After evaluation, the best entries will be announced on the playlist of the SUPER
EUROBEAT official YouTube channel. (https://www.youtube.com/user/sebofficial)
Also, please include your SNS account information (Twitter, Instagram, Facebook,) in the
description section of your post so we can contact. For the selected creators, we will plan to
support your creative activity.
Competition period
A cappella download period: 2020/08/24 (Mon)17:00 - 2020/10/31 (Sat)17:00 (JST)
Only submissions correctly posted by the end of 2020/10/31(Sat) (JST) will be evaluated.
The results will be announced as soon as the evaluation is completed.
・The a cappella downloadable by PC only.
・ Please note that YouTube posts with the hashtag #SEB30years might be reposted on
SUPER EUROBEAT YouTube official channel.
・ If any third party makes a complaint or objection regarding copyrights, image rights and
any other intellectual property rights related to your posts, please handle it at your own
risk and responsibility. We will take no responsibility.
・ Please note that our staff may send mail directly to your account. 
・ Other than this project, unintentional secondary or commercial use and redistribution of
the a cappella file distributed on this site is prohibited.
・ We may digitally distribute the best works from this project as SEB presents. Also, in that
case, please note that all video (including music, sound source and video) rights belong
to our company.avex entertainment Inc.

◆ Inquiries:
・E-mail only
■avex customer support
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