Surprise on TV Asahi's "Kamen Rider Gatchard"! The insert song used to accompany the rider kick = “kick song” is Beverly “Rising Fighter”! Distribution will start from the 11th!

TV Asahi's ``Kamen Rider Gatchado'' began broadcasting, and the second episode aired on the 10th.
Beverly is in charge of the insert song = “kick song” used in conjunction with Rider Kick!
Distribution will start from 0:00 on Monday, September 11th!

■Insert song (kick song) information
"Rising Fighter"
Lyrics: Asami Sakata
Composer: Haruo Yoda, Takatsugu Tsumabuki
Arrangement: Takatsugu Tsumabuki

Short Ver. will be distributed from 0:00 on September 11th!
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