Beverly NEW ALBUM be released on June 17th! "From JPN" One-man live will be held on the 19th!

Beverly 's long-awaited new album! !!
Many English ver. Songs from the past are included!
A set of 2 CDs that also includes the Japanese version of the song written by him.
Delivering various songs from Japan with a masterpiece singing performance that is not limited to high tones
"From JPN"
For DVD/Blu-ray, the best selection from the past MUSIC VIDEO
The interview video will be recorded!

Following the release of the album, a one-man live will be held on June 19th for the first time in two years!
Beverly / from JPN
2022.6.17 [FRI] On Sale

[2CD + DVD] AVCD-96990 ~ 1 / B ¥ 5,500 (excluding tax)
[2CD + Blu-ray] AVCD-96992-3 / B ¥ 5,500 (excluding tax)
[2CD + DVD] AVCD-96994-5 ¥ 4,000 (excluding tax)

CD-Disc1 [Number of songs and song order undecided]

Slay the day!
Ride your way
I think I like you
Never going back
My Love, Goodbye ...
Do That
I need your love -ENG Ver.-
A New Day -ENG Ver.-
Signal-ENG Ver.-
Again-ENG Ver.-
Coco -ENG Ver.-
Be The One-ENG Ver.-
+ New song scheduled

Slay the day! -JPN Ver.-
Ride your way -JPN Ver.-
I think I like you -JPN Ver.-
Never going back-JPN Ver.-
My Love, Goodbye ... -JPN Ver.-
Other plans