Beverly acoustic live tour "My Room" goods will be on sale! !!

"Beverly acoustic live tour "My Room"" goods released! !!

From the live concept of "My Room", "Beverly 's room Key Tag" is now available!
Let's go on a live tour of Beverly with this! !!

Furthermore, with a feeling of gratitude to everyone who supports us on a daily basis,
For those who purchased "Beverly 's room Key Tag" and old goods at one time only at the venue

Get a "My Room" Tote bag (not for sale)! !!
  • Beverly's room Key Tag
    1,000 yen (tax included)

【Venue advance sales time】
3/17 ( Day )Tokyo School Of Music Shibuya:14:00 (scheduled)
3/23 ( soil )Nagoya School of Music & Dance College:14:45 (planned)
3/24 ( Day )Osaka School Of Music:15:45 (planned)

[Place limited goods purchase privilege]
At the venue, with a single payment"Beverly To those who bought 's room Key Tag' and old goods
One "My Room" Totebag (not for sale)I will present.

In addition, a limited amount of each performance day, Key Tag with auto-signature will hit!
Since the signed Key Tag will be randomly handed over to the purchaser, please check if the signature is included!

※ Number is limited. It will end as soon as it disappears. Please note.
※ 1 Purchase by accounting applies.Multiple purchases can not be combined.
※ Purchase at EC is excluded. Please note.
※ Please do not resale such as rewards.

※ As opening may be crowded after the closing performance, please use advance sales.
※ Advance sale start time may be changed by the crowded situation of the day.
※ Due to the limited number, there is a possibility that the sale will be discontinued early when sold out. Please note.

※ Please check the product, size, quantity and change you purchased on the spot. Please understand that we can not respond to complaints, declarations and inquiries at a later date after leaving the sales department in any case.
※ Because you can not use a credit card, please prepare and prepare cash in advance.

Handling list of existing goods at the venue
Beverly 2nd JOURNEY "24" /T-shirt (White / Navy):3,000 yen (tax included)
Beverly 2nd JOURNEY "24" /Face towel:2,000 yen (tax included)
Beverly 2nd JOURNEY "24" ~ Winter ~ /T-shirt:3,000 yen (tax included)
Beverly 2nd JOURNEY "24" ~ Winter ~ /Face towel:2,000 yen (tax included)

Beverly 2nd JOURNEY "24" ~ Winter ~ /Parker (M / XL):6,500 yen (tax included)

[EC sales]3/15 (Fri)18:00-(scheduled)
It will be discontinued as soon as the product is gone. Also, on the day of sale, access to the site may rush, making it difficult to view. Please note.
Please be sure to confirm the product / size / quantity purchased immediately after arrival of the product.
From the delivery date 1 Please note that we can not respond to complaints, declarations, or inquiries at a later date in any case after a week.
In addition, since defective product replacement can not be performed at all without following the handling precautions of the product, please be sure to use it after confirmation.