The "NHK World JAPAN" campaign character decided!


The "NHK World JAPAN" campaign character decided!

International broadcasting of NHK is delivering Japanese news and other various programs to 160 countries and regions around the world,
In order to appeal more clearly that NHK is an international broadcasting sourced from Japan before the Tokyo Olympic Games and the Paralympic Games in 2020, NHK has started off with the renewed name,  "NHK World JAPAN" in April. At the same time with the new start of NHK, it was decided that DAICHI MIURA would be appointed as the campaign character.
For an international broadcasting NHK that has the goal to "disseminate current Japan to the world,"  DAICHI MIURA, who has been fascinating many people by this overwhelming dancing and singing performance, is a symbol of the present days of Japan. In addition, he has the power to appeal to Japan and the rests of world as the nucleus of the campaign for the newly born NHK. These are the reasons for appointing Mr. DAICHI MIURA.
Regarding a promotion video and a poster of "NHK World Japan" where DAICHI MIURA performed, it will be shown in the large screen in front of Shibuya Crossing and at each spot in Tokyo 23 wards such as JR Shibuya Station. Other than that, it will be supposed to be broadcast in domestic wave and international broadcasting at NHK. In the special website found in the homepage of NHK World Japan, you can see
a making of promotion video. Please check it out.

Special website of campaign

It is my honor to accept this opportunity as the NHK World Japan Campaign Character. I have done the performance to my utmost hoping that the expression of DAICHI MIURA can help enhance the attraction of Japan to the world throughout this important first image of this major project although what I can do is limited. It would be great if the viewers can enjoy this.

NHK Comment
This branding concept is to "Transmit to the world of "Real Japan" which has never been revealed".
In that respect, we have chosen DAICHI MIURA for the casting who is a real entertainer with a capability to compete globally and whose success in performance is in the global attention.
Mr. Miura was a quick learner to understand the concept and expressed with his dance instantly. It would be of our pleasure if the viewers could see the renewing NHK World Japan and the "New Japan" that we would like to introduce in one.