Dream come true offered music to DAICHI MIURA.


DAICHI MIURA was offered music from Dream Come True.
The music title is "Let tonight be forever remembered".

Miwa Yoshida wrote the song and Miwa Yoshida and Masato Nakamura wrote the music.
"Let tonight be forever remembered" was decided to be released as limited single from 27 September (Wed.)

Dream Come True gave a wonderful comment.

◇ Comment from Dream Come True
"It would be cool for DAICHI to sing this kind of music!", that was Mr Yoshida's source of the melody and made up after several talks with a god of music.
"DAICHI MIURA's private life would be quite too much if the world of this relic with coolness, wide smile any time." so Mr Nakamura imagines.

We look forward to seeing DAICH performing in lives with "Let tonight be forever remembered".
By the way, as the temporary title during producing the recording was "DAICHI", the staff in New York call it "DAICHI! DAICHI!".

◇ Comment from DAICHI MIURA:
Dream came true. Dream Come True gives music by imaging DAICHI MIURA.
I am so happy that such a thing really come true.
I recorded it enjoying with words, tune and thought made by Dream Come True. I would like to sing the song with great care in the future.
I am embedding the music, paramount experience and the best happiness into my heart

<Information for Release>
Single CD only by distribution
"About normal tonight - let tonight be forever remembered-"
Lyrics: Miwa Yoshida, Composition: Miwa Yoshida/Masato Nakamura, Arangement: UTA
Start to deliver from September 27th, 2017