The Music Video of a new song "Darkest Before Dawn" has been disclosed on YouTube!


The music video of the lead track "Darkest Before Dawn" included in DAICHI MIURA's 6th original, "HIT" (released on March 22nd) has been disclosed on YouTube.

The director of this work is Hidenobu Tanabe, who is the director of Keisuke Kuwata's "Letters to you", aiko's "I fell in love", "Mahoroba" of Momoiro Clover Z and so on. He directs a cool world view that DAICHI MIURA is dancing alone in the great nature, and the fact that he filmed using a drone for the first time as the work of DAICHI MIURA is a major feature, too.

For this work, DAICHI MIURA commented "in this time, I imposed the hurdles to myself, I planed that the choreograph isn't fixed in advance and I perform alone without any dancer. Anyway I danced and presented my feeling flooded from my heart then and there. So, the point is that all dances can be as if I DAICHI MIURA am shouting from my soul.
I hoped that I present of "continuing to walk even in the dark" and "the importance of continuing to do even in any trouble. For that, I danced hardly at the bad footing place like on the rocks. Therefore, I have muscle pain very much next day. Hahaha.
"I think this music video has achieved to show the song 「Darkest Before Dawn」which is filled with hope so I hope everyone will watch for details.", he commented.

Please check what kind of scenery DAICHIMIURA who is always trying new things will show in this music video.

And the teaser video of the LIVE DVD/Blu-ray "DAICHI MIURA LIVE TOUR (RE)PLAY FINAL at Kokuritsu Yoyogi Stadium First Gymnasium" which will be released at the same time as the new album "HIT" on March 22nd has also been disclosed. So please watch it as well.

DAICHI MIURA (Daichi Miura) / "Darkest Before Dawn -Music Video-"

DAICHI MIURA (Daichi Miura) / LIVE DVD/Blu-ray "DAICHI MIURA LIVE TOUR (RE)PLAY FINAL at Kokuritsu Yoyogi Stadium First Gymnasium" -Teaser-