A splendid campaign that you can apply by enclosed serial of a new album "HIT" released on the 22nd of March (Wed.) is decided.


☆ "HIT" splendid campaign
To commemorate the release of DAICHI MIURA's new album "HIT" released on the 22nd of March, with enclosed serial number in the first record of [CD+DVD], [CD+Blue-ray], [CD only] and [for fan club limited record], you can apply for the splendid privilege such as talk event told about an album "hit" told by DAICHI MIURA and special good.
[Privilege for applying for limited purchasers of "HIT" (the first record)
Prize H: To invite to a talk show that DAICHI MIURA talks about the album "HIT".
    ◇ Event schedule: 28/5/2017 (Sun.)
    ◇ Place: a place in Tokyo
        ※ We will let the winners know the details.

Prize I: Original goods

Prize T: A wall paper for all the applicants.
(You can correspond with personal computer/smartphone.)
※ We will let you know detail such as the method of applying and notes.

[Application period]
21/3/2017 (Tue.) at noon ~ 31/3/2017 (Fri.) at noon
[Application method]
Please apply choosing your wishing prize after inputting necessary items by accessing a specially set site with a serial number enclosed in the first record of DAICHI MIURA's new album "HIT" released on the 22nd of March (Wed.).
Specially set site
※ You can see the site from at noon on the 21st of March in 2017 (Tue.).
※ You can apply only once with one serial number.
※ You can use PC and smartphone on the specially set site. Please note that some terminals and feature phones are not accepted.
[Subjected products]
22/3/2017 released DAICHI MIURA new album "HIT"
[CD+DVD] product number: AVCD-16753/B, Price:¥3,900 (base price)+tax
[CD+BD] product number: AVCD-16753/B, Price:¥4,300 (base price)+tax
[CD] product number: AVCD-16754, Price ¥3,100 (base price)+tax
[CD(DAICHI disc) product number: AVC1-16755, Price:¥4,600 (base price)+tax
[As for applying for entry]
■ As for winning
<Price H>
For the lottery, we will let only winners know with the registered mail address by 7 days before the event.
Please set "" if you set a domain specification reception in order to receive winning mail.
Also, please be sure to keep the notes of the event.

<Prize I>
We will let you know whether you win by sending privilege.
■ As for a talk event that DAICHI MIURA tells about an album "HIT".
※ There may be various prohibitions set as to prevent accidents and confusions on the day.
※ The day's transportation fees and lodging fee and etc. are paid by customers.
※ Because of some reasons, when the event is judged not available, we will cancel the event. Please note that we cannot cope with any compensation such as refund of the product fee, transportation fee and traveling fee.
※ Please do not inquire to the event venue.
※ Though we throughly organize with security arrangement in the venue, when you find strange persons or strange things, please tell security guards near by.
※ When applicant himself cannot attend it, we cannot refund for the product fee but attend for the lottery.
※ For this event, only the winners can attend it. You cannot bring children more than 3 years old.
※ On the day, we will check the winners identifications. Please bring your identification card to be identified yourself. If you are identified you cannot enter the venue. (driver's license, passport, basic resident registration card, student card, insurance card, resident card and credit card)
If you forget to bring one of them, you cannot enter there for any reason.
※ Please follow the persons in charge or staff's instruction and notes on the day.
If you do not follow them, you may not be allowed to attend the event. For the reason that you did not follow the instructions, if you are caused any confusion or accident, the organizer of the event cannot take any responsibility.
※ We firmly prohibit any cases such as giving a winner right to other/selling in an auction for any reason (including sudden such as illness or work).
※ On the day, we firmly prohibit to shoot or record with a camera, video and ect..
※ Please do not bring own made supporting goods (board and ect.) which contain to infringe on various rights such as writer's rights of characters, pictures, well known persons portraits, enterprise/product logos, portrait/publicity rights, trademark rights and others.
※ There may be a shooting on the day. Please understand as there is a possibility of you are in the scene.

■ As for prize I
※ As for the announcement of winners, we replace by sending you a privilege good.
We will send a privilege good to the registered address within May.

■ T prize
※ The wallpaper will be provided at the end of the application screen, please save and use it as a wallpaper.
※ The wallpaper is available per serial and per download.
Please be aware that the wallpaper won't be saved any time after the first download under the 1 same serial.
※ The wallpaper is compatible with PC / smartphone. Please be aware that a part of the terminals and feature phones may not be compatible.

■ Caution for applying to this campaign
※ No modification or cancellation is accepted after application is complete. Please be sure to enter your information without an error.
※ You can't confirm and amend the contents of application after applying.
※ If you can't access the page due to congestion, kindly retry after some time. This application is not on first-serve basis.
※ Regarding the success or failure of this lottery, we will inform the same to the registered mail address of the prize winner only, by the day before the date of each event.
In case that you set up specifying some domains of mail address for receipt, please do the same "@avex,jp" also so that you can received our mail in case you win the prize.
※ After application, if you changed your mobile terminal or e-mail address prior to the announcement, the winner announcement e-mail many not be delivered to you.
※ Also, please be aware that the winner announcement e-mail may not be resend and your entitlement as a winner may not be guaranteed if your application become invalid due to the change of your mobile terminal.
※ We accept not inquiries regarding the result of your application.
※ Applicants under the age of 20 must apply with their parental consensus. In an event of an application entered by a minor, it shall be deemed as applied with parental consensus.
※ Due to various situations, the event may be rescheduled or cancelled. Please be aware that no return or repayment shall be accepted.
※ The personal information provided upon application of this event shall be used for the purpose of the event selection, contacting to applicants, and other administrative process, etc. but not for purposes other than that.
Regarding the handling of other personal information and inquiries for this matter, please confirm our privacy policy.
Also, the information registered at the time of your application will be discarded in an appropriate method after the event.
※ Please be aware that the corresponding fee is at your expense.

[Contact Information]
0570-064-414 (M-F only between 11:00- 18:00)