The 22nd of March marks the release of the new album "HIT", and with is comes the following campaign by DAICHI MIURAand TOWER RECORDS!

Special campaign opening decided!
The special DAICHI MIURAand TOWER RECORDS campaign!

Kanto venue
Event schedule21/4/2017 (fri) ※ opening time yet to be announced.
Event venueCLUB CITTA’

Kansai venue
Event schedule20/5/2017 (sat) ※ opening time yet to be announced.
Event place: Tower records Osaka NU chayamachi store.

Event contents: Special concert
How to participate: Any customer who buys any applicable items at any TOWER RECORDSTOWERmini store, or on TOWER RECORDS ONLINE will receive a ticket!! A lottery will be held for customers who follow the directions for application on the ticket, and the winners will be invited at the "DAICHI MIURAHIT release anniversary special event" being held in Kanto and Kansai, they will receive a signed original poster.

Applicable itemsDaichi Miura's HIT album released on the 22/3/2017

CD+DVDitem numberAVCD-16752/B price:¥3,900base price)+tax
CD+BDitem numberAVCD-16753/B price:¥4,300base price)+tax
CD  item numberAVCD-16754  price:¥3,100base price)+tax


【Things to be aware of】
※ The event application ticket will be given at the time of product purchase. Customers with a reservation will be given priority for event application. ※ Event application will finish when tickets run out. Also, in any case, event tickets may be re-issued, so please be aware beforehand.
※ Please apply via the URL on the event ticket.
※ The last day of application is the 2nd of April. (sun)

※ Selected participants will be notified through the email address they used to apply by the 9th of April (Sun). Furthermore, it is impossible to inquire about the selection results, so please hold back. Also, nobody will accept responsibility regarding email errors from domain setup etc, so please be aware.
※Winners of the signed posters will be contacted after sending.
※ Transfer or resale of event selection emails to a third party including family and friends are strictly dealt with.

※ It is possible to apply for either the signed poster, or the Kansai or Kanto "DAICHI MIURA"HIT" release commemoration special event" with each event application ticket.
※ On the day of the event, ID confirmation will be asked for at the venue. After confirmation, each person will be given an entrance ticket with a reference number.
※ There are 3 things necessary for personal confirmation on the day, so please make sure to bring with you.

Event application ticket with the application URL on it (given when you purchase the product).
The lottery notification mail transferred into your mobile phone, or something with the contents of that mail.
ID verification (drivers license/student card/employee ID/passport/basic resident register card/insurance ID/certificate of residence issued by a public institution. Or a credit card with your face on it, electricity/gas/water/phone bill receipt (name of the head of the household is also acceptable).
※ However, a copy or an expired version will not be accepted.
These 3 things are definitely needed for personal verification. If you forget even 1 you will not be admitted entrance, so please be aware

※ In cases where the personal information entered into the application site (name and address), recorded ID, and addresses of priviledged senders are wrong, it will be made invalid, so please be aware beforehand.
※ The line will be extremely crowded nearing the time of deadline, so you may not be able to access the site. Please apply with plenty of time to spare.
※ Please see the event ticket for details of things to be aware of when applying.

※ Due to stormy weather or natural disasters, the event details may be changed or cancelled. We appreciate your understanding.
※ Recording of sound or video during the event is strictly prohibited.
※ We require the event raffle entry coupon, the winning email and proof of identity from those older than elementary school age.
※ Please understand we do not accept return of products other than defective ones without exception.
※ Kindly look after your own belongings.
※ We will collect a 500 yen drink fee only at the Kanto venue so we appreciate your understanding.

※ Eating and drinking is prohibited inside the event space at the Kansai venue.
※Traveling expenses on the day of the event and accommodation should be covered personally.
※ If it is judged that the event cannot be held due to outside information, the event will be canceled. Even in this case, product, transportation, and travel costs can not be refunded. Please be aware ahead of time.

■ Inquiries: For reservations, please contact the TOWER RECORDS store where you purchased the product.


3/10DAICHI MIURA×TOWER RECORDS collaboration poster release
DAICHI MIURA×TOWER RECORDS collaboration poster release at TOWER RECORDS nation wide!
Except for the online store, all TOWER RECORDS stores nation wide will post "tower+" articles of the start of distribution on the 10th of March .

Original limited first arrival special confirmed!
Original limited first arrival special
First arrival collaboration poster of DAICHI MIURAxTOWER RECORDS is given as present!
※Please book it as soon as possible since whoever books first will be served first.

Target products
On Sale March 22nd, 2017. Album of DAICHI MIURAHIT

CD+DVDPart number: AVCD-16752/B Price3,900 yen (base price) + tax
CD+BDPart number:AVCD-16753/B Price4,300 yen (base price) + tax

CDproduct number: AVCD-16754, Price: 3,100 (base price) tax

Subject shop
All TOWER RECORDS shops & all TOWERmini shops
※ As there are some shops where do not deal with it, please ask detail at nearest shops (or online shopping sites).
※ Please ask directly at the shops where they can cope with.