DAICHI MIURA X Shinseido "HIT" campaign is set!


To commemorate of a new album "HIT" release, the following campaign will be carried out by DAICHI MIURA and Shinseido.

Among those who purchased the subjected item ("HIT" released on 22nd of March) at Shinseido and applied, we draw lots and present you good with DAICHI MIURA's sign.
Moreover, we present you DAICHI MIURA costume sticker (C) in order of arrival.
The advantage is in order of reservation, and so please reserve as soon as possible.

Application method
At all Shinnseido shops (Nationwide Shindeido shops and Shinseido online), we present applying post card for those who purchase the subjected items.
Among those who applied according the way to apply written in the campaign application post card, by lottery, we will present good with his sign.

Prize A: For 5 persons, goods with his own sign
Prize B: For 20 persons, poster with his won sign

DAICHI MIURA's "HIT" released album on 22nd of March in 2017

[CDDVD] product number: AVCD-16752/B, Price:3.900 (base price)tax
[CDBD] product number: AVCD-16753/B, price: 4,300 (base price)tax
[CD] product number: AVCD-16754, price:3,100 (base price)tax

Please purchase them from
■ Shinseido Wonder GOO Rakuten Market shop


■ Shinseido WonderGOO Yahoo! shop

We will offer one post card for one good purchased. (To reserve at Shinseido, we will give it when you receive the item or when you reserve it. When you order on Shinsido online, we will send you the card together with the item.)
An application card is given when you purchase a good.
When the application cards are no more, it is finished. Please note, at any rate, your application car will not be re -produced.
The deadline of the applying is on the 10 the of April (Mon.). You should be responsible for the posting cost for applying it.
You can apply either A prize or B prize with one application card. Please noted that we cannot return the post card content changed and revised after being applied with it.
The announcement of the lottery will be exchanged by receiving a prize. (We plan to send it within May.) However, please not to contact to us as we cannot answer any questions about lottery.
Please see the details written in the application card to be handed when you purchase it.
It is prohibited to pass over to your family, friend and others when you are chosen.
We cannot accept any return unless it is a defective item. Please noted.
The private information given to us when you apply, we take care of it by using only for the campaign. After the campaign is over, Wonder Co., Ltd. will take responsibility to destroy it immediately as to not be able to reused.

■Contact information
Please make an inquiry to the Shinseido store where you made a reservation / purchase.