「EXCITE」Music Video is released on YouTube!


The music video of DAICHIMIURA's new single "EXCITE" which will be launched on January 18, 2017 has been released on YouTube. "EXCITE" is the tv main theme of "Kamen rider Ex-Aid", of the Kamen rider series nearing its 45th anniversary, which broadcasted starting on October 2016.
The music video of this work has become a dance combo by " DAICHIMIURA× DAICHIMIURA ".
A "motion control camera" is used for photography, which is a system that allows the movement of the camera to be input to the computer so that the same movement can be reproduced repeatedly. Since the camera can make the same movement as many times as possible, by compositing materials photographed by changing the performance position of DAICHIMIURA into one screen by editing, it is possible to make images to see many DAICHIMIURA are on one screen.
Although the music video is full of DAICHIMIURA, in some parts of the video you see a body of another dancer dancing while seeing the face of DAICHIMIURA, which makes the video unique not just showing a lot of DAICHIMIURA.
Filming took 16 hours, which was the longest filming of the music videos of DAICHIMIURA.
The director, Ninomiya "NINO" Daisuke, who is a video director, was amazed by DAICHIMIURA's ability to dance in the exact same way in several times of takes.
Why don't you enjoy the new entertainment artwork of DAICHIMIURA that is very different from his previous works?
Simultaneously with the music video of "EXCITE", "EXCITE" product introduction movie has been released as well, so those who are interested should check it.
Miura Daichi (DAICHIMIURA) / EXCITE - Music Video -
EXCITE ("Kamen rider Ex-Aid " TV Theme Song) Product Introduction Video