Guest apperance on "Asunal Kanayama presents KeraKera x Asunal Treasure" on April 3 (Sun) at FM Public Recording Event has been confirmed!


Time: April 3, 2016 (Sun) 13:00 ~
Place: Asunal Kanayama Ashita Naru Venue
Aichi Pref, Nagoya City, Naka Ward, Kanayama, 1-17-1
☆Public viewing
※The talk is scheduled to be broadcasted on FM Aichi on April 15 (Fri) 20:30 - 21:00
・ The sponsors, venue, and the performers will not take any responsibility for any accident or theft occured inside and outside the venue.
・ Forbid taking up places all night from the previous day or from early morning.
・ Forbid taking up places by bags, picnic plaid, or other objects in all area of Asunal Kanayama. The staff or security will remove the objects away immediately upon finding.
・ Forbid using sheet, etc. even there are people around.
・ The sponsors, venue and the performers will not take any responsibility for removed and left behind objects.
・ Please enjoy the show according to the guidance of staff.
・ If you do not abide above rules, the show will be canceled or we will refuse your participation. Please understand in advance.
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