By bringing the masterpiece album of [The Entertainer],the opening of DAICHI MIURA LIVE TOUR 2014 [The Entertainer] is settled!!

The last december's [DAICHI MIURA LIVE TOUR 2013- Door to the unknown-] has always been ending up so the 2014's tour has already settled.

[DAICHI MIURA LIVE TOUR 2014 -The Entertainer] 
Performance Schedule
日程 会場 開場 開演 チケット料金 問合せ 詳細
[Kanagawa] Yokosukageijutsugekijou 17:30 18:30
KM Music 045-201-9999
[Kagoshima] Kagoshima Shimin Bunka Hall first hole 17:00 18:00
K & M Corporation 099-223-77101
[Fukuoka] Fukuoka Sun Palace Hotel & Hall 17:30 18:30
BEA 092-712-4221
[Fukuoka] Fukuoka Sun Palace Hotel & Hall 17:30 18:30
BEA 092-712-4221
[Tokyo] Olympus Hall Hachioji 17:30 18:30
Disk garage 050-5533-0888
[Chiba] Ichikawa City Cultural Center Main Hall 17:30 18:30
Disk garage 050-5533-0888
[Kagawa] Sunport Hall Takamatsu Main Hall 17:30 18:30
HIGHERSELF 082-545-0082
[Hyogo] Kobe International House Kokusaihoru 17:00 18:00
06-6357-4400 sound creator
[Hyogo] Kobe International House Kokusaihoru 16:00 17:00
06-6357-4400 sound creator
[Hokkaido] Nitori Cultural Hall 17:30 18:30
Music fan 011-208-7000
[Tokyo] NHK Hall 17:00 18:00
Disk garage 050-5533-0888
[Miyagi] Sendai Sun Plaza Hall 17:00 18:00
News Promotion 022-266-7555
[Saitama] Omiya Sonic City Hall large 17:30 18:30
Disk garage 050-5533-0888
[Osaka] Osaka International Convention Center Grand Cube Osaka Main Hall 17:30 18:30
06-6357-4400 sound creator
[Osaka] Osaka International Convention Center Grand Cube Osaka Main Hall 16:00 17:00
06-6357-4400 sound creator
[Aichi] Aichi Prefectural Art Theater Great Hall 17:00 18:00
Kyodo Tokai 052-972-7466
[Gifu] Nagara River International Convention Center Main Hall 17:00 18:00
Kyodo Tokai 052-972-7466
[Yamaguchi] Sutapia Kudamatsu (Kudamatsu Cultural Center) 17:30 18:30
HIGHERSELF 082-545-0082
[Hiroshima] Uenogakuen Hall 17:00 18:00
HIGHERSELF 082-545-0082
[Niigata] Niigata Terrsa 17:00 18:00
FOB Niigata 025-229-5000
[Tokyo] Tokyo International Forum Hall A 17:30 18:30
Disk garage 050-5533-0888
※ Additional stage on Sunday, April 27 at NHK Hall, Tokyo.

■ Fee: ¥6,800 (incl. tax/all seats reserved)
※ Children at 3 years old and younger are not allowed. Anyone at 4 years old and older needs a ticket.

★ Advanced Reservations for Fan Club Members ★
DAICHI MIURA official fan club "DAICHISHIKI" is going to accept advanced reservations from noon on Tuesday, January 21.
Please apply from <Ticket> in the member page on the member website "DAICHISIKI". 
Important information about the application is published on the website, so please check the contents thoroughly before applying. 

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