≪開催中止≫ SKY-HI×SALU Say Goodbye to the System 海外公演中止のお知らせ

下記日程にて開催を予定しておりました、SKY-HI×SALU Say Goodbye to the System 海外公演ですが、入国手続きや公演を行う際の必要書類等に不備があり本公演を中止せざるを得ない事態となってしまいました。

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2019/9/29(日) 韓国/ソウル Rolling Hall 開場18:30/開演19:00
2019/10/1(火) 香港 This Town Needs 開場19:00/開演19:30
2019/10/4(金) 台湾/台北 The Wall Live House 開場19:00/開演19:30


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香港公演: Lushington Entertainments Hong Kong /
台湾公演: avex taiwan /


<Cancellation of the show>
SKY-HI×SALU Say Goodbye to the System International shows cancellation announcement

As a result of discussion between production and the managements staff, SKY-HI×SALU Say Goodbye to the System international shows planned on the dates below have been decided to get cancelled due to the inadequacies of the documents on travel/visa applications and so forth. 

The whole team is very sorry for the fans who have been looking forward to attend the shows and always there for supporting SKY-HI and SALU, and would like them to accept its apology and understand this hard decision.

All the ticket will be fully refunded, and the direction will be announced shortly on websites, SNS accounts and so on, therefore please keep your tickets with you and hold until the proper announcements will be given.

Once again, we are sincerely sorry to let the fans down and any inconvenience this might cause them.

2019, September 9th, Avex Entertainment Inc. staff team

【Cancelltation Dates】
2019/9/29 Sun,  South Korea/Seoul  Rolling Hall  OPEN18:30/START19:00
2019/10/1 Tue,  Hong Kong This Town Needs  OPEN19:00/START19:30
2019/10/4 Fri,  Taiwan/Taipei  The Wall Live House OPEN19:00/START19:30

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