• Sans room「べべ」/2021年
Shiori Watanabe

渡辺 志桜里

循環し続ける⽔の中に⿂・野菜・オブジェそして微⽣物がバラバラに配置されているインスタレーション作品《サンルーム》(2018-) は、「Dyadic Stem」(キュレーション・髙⽊遊,The 5th Floor, 2020)、「ベベ」(個展, キュレーション・卯城⻯太(Chim↑Pom) , WhiteHouse, 2021)、「⽔の波紋展2021」(渋⾕区役所美⽵分庁舎,2021/ワタリウム美術館)といった東京におけるオルタナティブなシーンでの発表から、その都度、発展を重ねながら現在も展開中。また、《サンルーム》の初期において循環する⽔に皇居のお濠から汲み取った⽔が使⽤されていたように、⼀⾒して、⽣態系や⾝体といった問題を扱いながらも、政治的な天皇制への独⾃の視点が盛り込まれています。⽣態系の場に⾒られる在来種や外来種といった個々の種に潜む資本主義、グローバリズムといった問題を⽣殖やフェミニズムといったテーマと結びつけ、⼈間社会を含むエコロジーのあり⽅を模索しています。


Shiori Watanabe (b.1984-) is a contemporary artist based in Tokyo. She graduated from the Department of Sculpture in the faculty of Fine Arts at Tokyo University of the Arts in 2015, and from the graduate school of Fine Arts in 2017. Shiori Watanabe has expressed her unique[/distinct] worldview in recent shows; “Dyadic Stem" at the 5th Floor (a two-artists show with Shinjiro Watanabe), "Non-Human Control" at TAV GALLERY in 2020, and “Bebe” at Whitehouse in 2021, the first solo exhibition curated by Ryūta Ushiro, a member of artists collective Chim↑Pom.
Shiori Watanabeʼs signature installation work "Sunroom" was made in 2017 to maintains the life of organisms that could continue even after the human extinction. In its making, she collected plants, fish, bacteria, etcetera from the Tokyo Imperial Palace, which used to be a playground in her childhood, and brought them back to her studio. She then separated them into different tanks, connecting them together by water circulation tubes. "Sunroom” thereby functions as an automatic ecosystem, and has been updated since 2017 onward. The decentralised networking, and horizontal movement of water circulation characteristic of "Sunroom” uniquely critiques hierarchical political apparatus, and addresses feminism.