• 《A Correnteza de Modernização》 撮影:Joana França Photo by Joana França/2013年
Tatzu Nishi

西野 達


Tatzu NISHI is internationally renowned for his large-scale projects in which he brings private spaces into highly public places. He constructs rooms by incorporating street monuments, street lights, etc., and transforming them into living rooms, or hotels as art works. Additionally he expresses a variety of other talents, such as piling up things that abound in our surroundings, freeing them from their meaning and allowing them to build a completely new world. The characteristics of NISHI’s body of work are bring the public space into the private (or conversely, it can be said that sharing private space in front of the public) and create new encounters between objects, which slightly shifts familiar landscapes and our stereotypes, and dynamically alters the context of the public.



撮影:洞沢佐智子 Photo by Sachiko Horasawa