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★Ask Maxim★

What is the origin of you
r name, Maxim?

A.「マキシムという名前は、俺が17歳の時に考えた名前で、 ”原理”とか”行動基準”という意味を指してるんだ」it was a name i thought of when i was 17 its meaning is a principle or rule of conduct.

Can you tell us how you met Liam, Keith and Leeroy?

I met them through a friend who was their friend and my friend knew i was a MC/Vocalist and when the guys saidthey need a front man my name come up.

What was the first record you begged your parents for and got?

A.「俺の最初のレコードはThe Specialsの”The Specials”さ。
My first record was the album The Specials By the Specials, i was a Rudeboy
and The Specials to me where the coolest guys ever!
I loved them so much their style the look and the music. i still have a copy of their first ever single which a friend gave me many years ago.

What did you think when you first listened to a demo from Liam?

A. 「もう、それこそぶっ飛ばされたよね。当時は自分も曲を書いてて、Shades of Rhythmって友達のバンドもいたけど、せいぜいパーティーシーンで有名って感じだった。当時の俺にとってはドラッグとパーティーが前提のシーンとは関わる気になれなかったってのもあるし、ヒップホップビートとレゲエミュージックに夢中だったから、ちょっと違ったんだよね。でもリアムの音楽にはヒップホップをちゃんと取り込んでいたし、狙いもはっきりしていて、すごく好感が持てたんだ」
I was blown away  when i hear it as i was also writing music before  and friends of mine from my old town called Shades Of Rhythm at the time were quite successful but the party scene. But that scene didn’t interest me at that time and it was very drug based and i wasn’t into that i was into Hip Hop beats and reggae music. When i heard Liams music i heard the Hip Hop side in there i loved so i understood it.

What did you think about The Prodigy music being categorized as hardcore techno when you guys debuted?

I hate labels as i don’t have a label for myself but people liked to categorise everything so they can understand it. but i can say it has many influences and that’s it.

Is there any track from your early career that has surprised a lot that you still like?

A. 「The Prodigyを始める前に作っていたモノが、まだテープで持っていて、今でもお気に入りが何曲かあるんだよ。いつかリリースするかもな」Theres a demo tape which i have at home from many years ago before the prodigy and i still like some of the songs on there. maybe i will release someday.

What was the first gig you went to?  

A.もうかなり昔の話になるんだけど、Hondoっていう地元で有名だったレゲエパンクバンドがいて、それを観に行ったのが最初。面白いことに友達のバンドであるStudio Rockersがその日の前座で、俺は彼らのミックスエンジニアだったんだ。もともと俺はそのバンドのヴォーカリストになりたいと思っていて、その日のショーの終盤にいきなりステージに呼ばれて、フリースタイルでパフォーマンスするハメになった。だからこのライヴが初のステージパフォーマンスをした日でもあるんだよ。

This is going back, but one of the first gigs was to a reggae punk band called Hondo in my old town. the funny thing is my friends band called Studio Rockers supported them and i was the mix enginee.I always wanted to be the vocalist in their band anyway right at the endow their set they called me on stage to freestyle on their last song.So it was probably one of my first stage show performances as well.

How did you get into Hip Hop?

A.ヒップホップは、まずブレイクダンスから入ったんだよね。そしてDef Jam Tour 1987に行ったのが最初で、Public Enemy、LL cool J、Eric BとRakimとかを観てどっぷりハマった。その後にも色んなシーンを見てきたけど、rare grooveもその一つ。acid jazzが出した”totally wired volume six”っていうコンピのアルバムカヴァーにも俺が写ってる。後ろで帽子をかぶってるのが見えるだろ。アルバムに参加する運命だったんだよ(笑)

I got into Hip Hop through breakdancing way back and one of the first hip hop shows i went to was Def Jam Tour 1987 Public Enemy ,LL cool J and Eric B and Rakim

after that i was hooked. I went through a lot of scenes and another scene was rare groove , and i appeared on the front of an album acid jazz totally wired volume six .you can see me in the background with a hat on. so i was destined to be on an album .haha  


Can you tell us about your first Japan tour?

A. もう随分昔の話になったけど、とにかく俺たち全員何もかもがカルチャーショックで、ジュリアナってクラブでやった時は、しこたまテキーラを飲んじゃって大変だった。次の日にはレコード会社の人たちが寿司に連れて行ってくれたんだけど、その時は初めて見る寿司がおぞましくて何一つ食べられなかったんだよ。今や寿司は俺の大好物だし、日本も日本の人たちも大好きだよ!初来日の時に出来た日本の友達とは今でも交流が続いてるしね。
This was a long time ago it was a culture shock for us all and all i remember was we wen
played in a club called Julianas and i had too much tequila that night and we got taken out the next day by the labe but i couldn’t eat anything because this was the first time i saw sushi and it made me ill. but i love sushi now and love Japan and the people! And made friends there that im still friends with today. 


Any gifts you like to receive from your fans? 
all gifts are respected because its the thought that counts but i like green tea and cast iron tea pots 


Why did you take up kick boxing?

I never did kick boxing. i like kung fu and i admired bruce lee when i was 15 years old and i did praying mantis when i was 17. A few years ago i did Brazilian jiu jitsu for a short time.i love martial arts and the wisdom, calmness you can gain from it.when i was young i watched kung fu films all night long. here’s a pair of nunchaku

If there is one thing you know that you are not supposed to eat, and yet, you still want to eat or drink it, what is it?

crisps (potato chips) i’m addicted and after i finish i always say no more but the next day im back eating them, not good!

What would you do If you got an offer for a role in the movie Black Panther? Who do you wanna play? Lol


Maybe acting is my next venture. i would love to be in a movie and obviously play some kind of superhero, i would be Black Panther!


How you would describe Liam and Keith in one word?

   legend and legend

Can you tell us the most unbelievable incident you witnessed from the stage?

A. 「ぶっ飛んでる客がステージに駆け上がってきて、キーボードや機材のケーブルに突っ込んでいって、全部の音が止まった事があった。当時はまったく笑えない事態だったけど、今では俺たちみんな大爆笑さ。どっかYouTubeにあるんじゃないかな」someone running on stage totally off their heads and getting tangled in the keyboards and wires and then pulling the whole thing down. It wasn’t funny at the time but now we laugh at it.And its on Youtube somewhere!


Are there any Japanimation or Japanese manga do you like?

A. 漫画はけっこう好きで、ミュージックビデオでなんとか漫画スタイルを取り入れられないか試した事があったんだよ。
 I do like manga and i thought of doing a manga style video for my music a while ago.  Maybe still possible if i find the right people to do it who knows !


If a fan wants to play The Prodigy’s music at their wedding, what do you recommend?

A. Hot Ride …俺が言ってる意味が伝われば、納得の一曲だと思うぜ。
    Hot Ride …makes sense if you know what i mean.

Tell us why you started painting and what is painting for you?

A. ある時、壁に飾る絵を買おうかと思って展示会に行ったんだよ。ところが見てたら、これなら何か自分にも出来そうだなって思って、描いてみたら楽しくってさ。そこから自分のスタイルを発展させていったんだ。描いてるとリラックス出来るし、音楽とは全く違うクリエイティブだからね。アートは自由と平穏を与えてくれるし、しくじるって概念が無いんだよ。
I started painting because i needed some art on the walls in my house and i went to an art show to buy some and saw other peoples work and thought i can do that myself.So i did and i enjoyed it and developed my own style and i paint to relax and be creative in a different way. Art gives you freedom and peace of mind and in art there are no mistakes.

If you could switch places with someone, who would you wanna be? And why?

It would be interesting to be Lewis Hamilton i suppose for a few hours to drive an F1 car that buzz must be amazing.but bottom line i like being me!

Who is the best singer on this universe you think?

Aretha Franklin, Prince

Is there any sushi do that you always order? Any particular way that you like to eat that sushi?

A. 鰻と銀ダラが大好き」
i love unagi and black cod.

I love how you are creative to many things including MC (incl. your fashion, stage make-up),
solo activity, DJ, art…, what would you like to do when you chill-out?

A. そう、すべてやるね。僕にとって全てが表現と創作方法だから。そして、犬の散歩がチルアウトだな。
yes i do everything as i see its all a form of expression and creativity. but i walk my dogs that’s how i chill out.

Do you have any country that you’d like to live among the countries you’ve visited? And if so, tell us the reason why you’d like to live there?

A. 日本はやっぱり上位に入るよね、人々もカルチャーも大好きだし、なりよりお互いに尊重しあってるよね。植木とか庭園も素晴らしいし、日本の神社仏閣の厳かな空気や、自然が与えてくれる簡素な恵みが大好きだよ。
Japan is up there because i love the people and the culture and respect people have for each other. im also into plants, japanese gardens and i love seeing the into tranquility and simple pleasures that nature has to give.

If you are to hold an exhibit of your art, which museum would you choose and what would be the name of your exhibit?

A. ハハ、実は来年に展示会はやる予定なんだよ、グッゲンハイム美術館で出来るなら「究極(アルティメイト)」とか付けちゃうかな。
Haha  well im due to do an exhibition next year but doing one in the Guggenheim  would be out of this world and i would call it ‘Ulimate’

Can you recommend 3 best Kung Fu movies? Also, tell us any 3 movies that you think are masterpieces.

A. 「スネーキーモンキー 蛇拳」、「ドランクモンキー酔拳」、「イップマン」。
     Snake in the Monkey’s Shadow, Drunken Master , IP Man,   masterpieces are Fist of Fury , Game of Death and best of all Enter the Dragon

Suppose you are being abducted by aliens, they say you can take 3 albums with you. What albums would you choose that
aliens might understand and enjoy?

A.  スペシャルズの「ザ・スペシャルズ」、ウータン・クランの「エンター・ザ・ウータン (36 chambers)、マーヴィン・ゲイの「ホワッツ・ゴーイン・オン」
    The Specials' by the Specials  'Enter The Wu Tang ' 36 chambers Wu Tang, ‘What’s Going On' Marvin Gaye 

Will you tell me the tips to keep your physical and mental condition good? 

A.  メディテーションとサイレンス。マインドを静めることで、平穏と幸福が訪れるんだ。
      meditation and silence i understand to quiet the mind brings you peace and happiness

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