1st AL "5 senses" release commemorative event will be held! Event venue limited benefits!


The 1st AL "5 senses" release commemorative event to be released on 3/30 has been decided!
All event dates and event venue limited benefits will be added! Those who purchase the 1st album "5 senses" at the event venue will receive an autographed event venue limited other jacket as a gift.
At the release event, we will deliver a mini live from the 1st album "5 senses"!

◎ 1st AL "5 senses" release commemorative event schedule
[Schedule / Venue]
● Wednesday, March 30, 18:00
(Tokyo) Sunshine City Fountain Plaza
● April 3 (Sun) ① 13:00 ② 15:30
(Tokyo) DiverCity Tokyo Plaza 2F Festival Square
● April 9th (Sat) ① 13:00 ② 15:30
(Tokyo) LaLaport Tachikawa Tachihi 2F Event Square
● April 10 (Sun) ① 13:00 ② 15:30
(Saitama) Aeon Lake Town mori 1F Tree Square
● Saturday, April 16 ① 13:00 ② 15:30
(Aichi) Asunal Kanayama Tomorrow! Square
● April 17 (Sun) ① 13:00 ② 15:30
(Osaka) Abeno Q's MALL 3F Sky Court
● April 23 (Sat) ① 13:00 ② 15:30
(Ibaraki) AEON MALL Mito Uchihara Main Court
● April 24 (Sun) ① 13:00 ② 15:30
(Chiba) AEON MALL Kisarazu South Atrium

* Please check the schedule for details of each event.

Release date: Wednesday, March 30, 2022
Title: "5 senses"
① [AL 2-disc set + DVD] * First-run limited edition AVCD-96918-9 / B ¥ 5,280 (tax included)
② [AL + DVD] AVCD-96920 / B ¥ 4,180 (tax included)
③ [AL] AVCD-96921 ¥ 3,300 (tax included)
* ① is a limited edition, so there is an upper limit to the number of items sold at each venue.
As soon as the planned number of sales is reached, (1) the first limited edition will be discontinued.
* Participation tickets will be a benefit for purchases made at the event venue, and over-the-counter benefits will not be granted.

* Notes
・ The event schedule may change depending on the situation. note that.
・ For details, please check the official website as soon as it is confirmed.
For inquiries, please contact the following. Please refrain from making inquiries to the venue. It will cause the event to be canceled.
Avex Customer Support
* Business hours: Weekdays 11: 00-18: 00
* Emails are accepted 24 hours a day, but we will respond sequentially during business hours.
Thank you for your understanding in advance.

◎ Contents of the privilege meeting and how to participate
On the day of the event, one "Bonus Party Participation Ticket" will be given to each person who purchases the target product at the special spot sale booth set up at each event venue. Customers who have a "Bonus Party Participation Ticket" can participate in the Bonus EMIKO SUZUKI himself after the mini-live.

(Event benefits)
Autographed "Event Venue Limited Other Jacket"

We will give you one by one the "event venue limited other jacket" that has been signed in advance. Please note that there is no commemorative photo, sign on the spot, or addressing.
In addition, please refrain from excessive conversation as part of measures against new coronavirus infections. We will set up a splash prevention sheet between the customer and the performers. Also, please refrain from touching the sheet. Benefits may be handed over by EMIKO SUZUKI himself via the staff. Thank you in advance for your understanding. Customers are kindly requested to wear a mask before participating. In addition, performers will also participate while wearing masks, face shields, mask shields, disposable gloves, etc. Please note. Before participating, please check the [Infection Control Measures] on the website.