Detailed information on the original album "Hachimenroppi" for the first time in about 3 years has been lifted! !!

No genre, no rules, only love for music.

SKY-HI playing with music with the person who wants to make music together from time to time, it SKY-HI own life in 2021. For a work that feels even conceptual!
The CD includes "Mr. Psycho", "Assortment", "To The First", "Dive To World" released as a single, and "Oh s ** t !! feat. SKY-HI / s ** t kingz" who participated in the guest performance. "Tomorrow is another day feat. Michael Kaneko / THE SUPER FLYERS & SKY-HI" "Holy Moly Holy Night / Chanmina & SKY-HI"

As new songs, "Simplify Yourlife", which has already been shown on Live and will be the first recording as a sound source, "me time -remix-", which newly features BMSG artist Aile The Shota (Shota Watanabe) on "me time", RUI (Kawashima) who participated in the audition "THE FIRST", SKY-HI with his outstanding expressiveness, was a direct scout during the audition, and is currently training as a BMSG trainee (trainee). "14th" featuring three 14-year-olds, rapper TAIKI (Taiki Mizoguchi), whose cute side to show at the training camp and conflicting RAP skills, and mysterious junior high school rapper edhiii boi. "Syndrome", "Good 4 You" featuring Thai rapper DABOYWAY who has rooted hip hop culture in Thailand and currently leads Def Jam Thai land, participated in "THE FIRST" despite inexperience, its growth speed and overwhelming A total of 12 songs, "One More Day," featuring REIKO (Kado Sawan Reiko), whose singing ability continued to produce drama, are recorded.
DVD / Blu-ray, there are LIVE 2 performances of SKY-HI Yugi Zanmai <2021.06.27 @ Zepp DiverCity>" and "SKY-HI ROUND A GROUND 2020 <2021.08.24 @ Osaka BIGCAT>". It is recorded.

"SKY-HI Yugi Zanmai <2021.06.27 @ Zepp DiverCity>" will be held on June 27th (Sun) as the final of the Tomeihan vs. Van Tour "Yugi Zanmai" held in June this year. The performance was held at Zepp DiverCity with Chanmina as a guest, and the collaboration song "Holy Moly Holy Night" with Chanmina, which was unveiled for the first time on the day, and "SOBER" performed with secret guest Novel Core. In addition to "ROCK -remix-", "Free style", which co-starred with Rofu Karma in Nagoya, and "Dive To World", which was unveiled for the first time with Takuya Yamanaka (THE ORAL CIGARETTES) in Osaka, are also included. As you can see, I would like you to enjoy the premium space where you can play with various guest artists.

"SKY-HI ROUND A GROUND 2020 <2021.08.24 @ Osaka BIGCAT>" was forced to be postponed twice due to the corona disaster, and the live house tour started one year and four months after the original schedule. It is the one of the performance held at Osaka BIGCAT on August 24th (Tuesday).

< SKY-HI Round A Ground> is a return-to-origin tour of live houses nationwide with a system that can be said to be the basis of HIP HOP, which SKY-HI
Contents recorded
● CD
01. To The First <Prod. Ryosuke “Dr.R” Sakai>
02. Simplify Yourlife <Prod. SKY-HI >
03. Mr. Psycho <Prod. SUNNY BOY>
04. Oh s ** t !! feat. SKY-HI / s ** t kingz <Prod. SKY-HI >
05. Tomorrow is another day feat. Michael Kaneko / THE SUPER FLYERS & SKY-HI
<Prod. Shingo Suzuki>
06. me time -remix- feat. Aile The Shota <Prod. Hokuto>
07. Dive To World feat. Takuya Yamanaka (THE ORAL CIGARETTES) <Prod. KM>
08. Holy Moly Holy Night / Chanmina & SKY-HI <Prod. Ryosuke “Dr.R” Sakai>
09. 14th Syndrome feat. RUI, TAIKI, edhiii boi <Prod. ☆ Taku Takahashi>
10. Good 4 You feat. DABOYWAY <Prod. SOURCEKEY>
11. Assortment feat. Kan Sano <Prod. SOURCEKEY>
12. One More Day feat. REIKO <Prod. Matt Cab>
● DVD/Blu-ray
[Music Video]
・ Mr. Psycho
・ Assortment feat. Kan Sano
・ To The First
・ Dive To World feat. Takuya Yamanaka (THE ORAL CIGARETTES)
SKY-HI Yugi Zanmai <2021.06.27 @ Zepp DiverCity>
01. Nanisama
02. Sky's The Limit
03. Walking on Water
04. Doppelgänger
05. F-3
06. Mr. Psycho
07. Sexual Healing
08. Chit-Chit-Chat
09. Blue Monday
10. I was there
11. I Think, I Sing, I Say
12. #Homesession
13. Free style <Guest: Ryofu Karuma> 2021.06.13 @ Zepp Nagoya
14. Dive To World <Guest: Takuya Yamanaka (THE ORAL CIGARETTES)> 2021.06.18 @ Zepp Osaka Bayside
15. SOBER ROCK -remix- <Guest: Novel Core> 2021.06.27 @ Zepp DiverCity
16. Holy Moly Holy Night <Guest: Chanmina> 2021.06.27 @ Zepp DiverCity
17. Double Down
18. Snatchaway
19. Seaside Bound
20. To The First
SKY-HI ROUND A GROUND 2020 <2021.08.24 @ Osaka BIGCAT>
01. Ai Bloom
02. Smile Drop
03. Blanket
04. Seaside Bound
05. Double Down
06. Snatchaway
07. Tomorrow is another day
08. me time
09. Goodbye To The System
10. Sky's The Limit
11. Nanisama
12. Name Tag
13. I was there
14. Assortment
15. I Think, I Sing, I Say
16. #Homesession
17. Dive To World
19. To The First

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