Role Playing Soldier Candy (with can badge / random 4 types)

The Candy with the theme of the song "Role Playing Soldier" included in the album is assorted into two types: "hero" and "monster".
Furthermore, in the box, one of all four types of can badges is randomly enclosed, so please look forward to it ♪

Height 8㎝ × width 8㎝ × height 8㎝
【Internal capacity】
9 tablets
Box: paper
Ingredients for confectionery: sugar, starch syrup, acidulant, flavor, coloring (red 106, yellow 4, yellow 5, charcoal powder, blue 1, blue 2)
【Country of origin】
【expiration date】
December 10, 2019

* One of the four types of can badges is randomly enclosed. You cannot choose the contents. Please note that we cannot accept returns or exchanges after opening the package.