SKY-HI #Homesession Goods

SKY-HI #Homesession Goods will be on sale in limited quantities! !
The lineup consists of "Tumbler," "BIG towel," and "Desk light."
#Homesession It is a goods that you can enjoy live at home ♪
In addition, a limited number of RESTART live posters and postcards will be sold.
Please check it out♪

[Limited quantity sale]
Sale start date: September 8 (Tue) 18:00
*Please wait until the sales start.

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(PC/SP) https://shop.
*Because the delivery of the product may not be in time for the live delivery, please confirm the scheduled delivery date on the order confirmation page before ordering.
(It is not possible to specify the delivery date. If you purchase multiple items with different delivery dates, the items will be shipped in a batch after waiting for the items that are late in arrival.)
*Please note that cancellations or refunds are not possible even if the live streaming is not available in time.
*Please be sure to check the product, size, and quantity you purchased immediately after the product arrives.
Please note that we will not be able to respond to complaints, declarations, and inquiries after 1 week from the delivery date in any case.
* We will not be able to replace defective products that have occurred without following the precautions for handling the products. Please be sure to check before using the products.