11/11 (Wed) "room 8G vol.2" appearance decision! !!
10/11 (Sun) "Philippine EXPO 2020" appearance decision!
[Important] < Beverly LIVE Rally # 02 Abeno ROCKTOWN Performance> Cancellation of transfer performance and refund information
[Live] September 21st (Monday / holiday) New sensation live distribution event "MUSIC GATE vol.3" will appear! !!
Beverly appearance! !
"A a-nation online 2020" timetable released!
Paradise in the Sky Night Tour Special Event
" Star Village ACHI × avex Starry Night Festival" will be held! !!
[Live delivery] August 27 (Thursday) "Beverly Special Streaming Live with Nobuyuki Shimizu" Live delivery live! !!
8/9 (Sun) "Bilibili World 2020" Online appearance from Japan decided!!
[Audience Live] Tonight's 21:00 OPEN REC "Beverly 3rd Anniversary & Birthday Live" special live distribution will be held! Ticket purchase until today!
"Chorus Asobiba" will be held as a special project of "#Abe's Asobiba", a YouTube-specific project for the chorus club support campaign!
6/10 (Wed) Beverly feat. Sota Hanamura (Da-iCE) "Endless Love" will be available! !
[LIVE] 6/30 (Tuesday) 21: 00 ~ OPEN REC "Beverly 3rd Anniversary & Birthday Live" special live distribution decided! !
" Beverly LIVE rally # 02 ~ INFINITY ~" Live digest video release! !
「超英雄祭 KAMEN RIDER × SUPER SENTAI LIVE & SHOW 2020」Blu-ray発売中!
【重要】<Beverly LIVERally #02 阿倍野ROCKTOWN公演>振替公演及び払い戻しのご案内
本日5/13(水)、Beverlyも参加した「avex revival trax」CD発売!!
5/13「avex revival trax」発売!オマージュ映像も公開!
【MV】「CAN'T STOP THIS!!」Music Video 本日公開!!
【リリース】「avex revival trax」本日より配信開始!!
【生配信】4/26(日)「Living room live」タイムテーブル発表!!