LIVES project "LIVES Annual 2021" to appear!
Beverly Monthly YouTube LIVE # 9
[Event] April 25th (Sun) "Nazo no Ongakusai" appearance decision! !!
[Distribution release] "KOKO" will finally be distributed from tomorrow! !!
[Distribution Release] March 17th (Wednesday) The English version of Coco "KOKO" will be distributed! !!
[CD] "LIVE EMPOWER CHILDREN" theme song "My Hero ~ Miracle Song ~" will be on sale from today! !!
[TV] 2/23 (Tuesday / holiday) She will appear on TV Tokyo group, "Oha Suta"!
Beverly official goods will be on sale at a special price of 50% off at the mu-mo SHOP
[Live video] Past live works will be distributed on U-NEXT from today! !!
Participation in singing the theme song "My Hero ~ Miracle Song ~" for the childhood cancer treatment support charity live "LIVE!!
[YouTube live streaming] February 20th (Sat) 21: 00- # Beverly live streaming will be held! !!
[YouTube live delivery] 1/30 (Sat) 21: 00-delivery decision! !!
[Live delivery] 2/15 (Monday) LIVE EMPOWER CHILDREN 2021 supported by Aflac", a charity live to support childhood cancer treatment! !!
[Apple Music / Spotify Limited] Beverly new song "Signal" release commemoration!
If you add it to the library, you can get a by drawing lots Signal" a cappella singing videos!
Beverly 's latest song "Signal" has been decided as the image song for Azur Lane "Siren Operation"! Delivery starts on December 30th (Wednesday)!
"Super Hero Festival" KAMEN RIDER LIVE CD will be released on February 10th! !!
"Pocket Monsters the Movie" latest preview video and opening theme "Coco" premiere! !!
Beverly decided to be the opening theme of "Pokemon the Movie"! !!
"The 2nd Urutorausu!" Beverly appearance decision! !!
[LIVE] 2021 2/10 (Wednesday) "Super Hero Festival 2021" appearance decision! !!