Anime "One Piece" (1/19 OA ~) theme song to the AAA of newly written a new song, "Wake up!" Is determined !! further AAA large appointed !! to "" One Piece "anime 15 anniversary PR ambassador"

The theme song for the anime "One Piece" from 19 January
AAA's new song “Wake up!” Has been decided! !
In addition, AAA was selected as the “One Piece Anime 15th Anniversary PR Ambassador”!
"Wake up!" Is an exhilarating upper tune that sings the bond with friends and the adventurous spirit that goes into the dream.
It is a song linked to the world view of the anime "One Piece"!
Distribution of “Wake up!” Will start from 1/19 when the AAA theme song starts.
Be sure to pay attention to the theme song as well as future stories.

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The theme song for the anime “One Piece” “Wake up!” Will be distributed from 1/19!
Download it here!