AAA (Triple A)

Super performance unit of 7 members, of both boys and girls.
Debuted with single "BLOODonFIRE" released in 9/14/2005.
In late 2005, AAA won 'Best New Artist' in the famed Japan Record Award.
For the 1st anniversary on 9/13/2006, the group performed a live at Nippon Budokan, the most prestigious venue in Japan, mobilizing 10,000 fans.
Along with being a singer and dancer, each member are expanding their fields in a new stage; TV hosts, modeling, and acting in Hollywood movies, TV dramas, and theatrical plays.

Misako Uno appeared in Hollywood film "THE GRUDGE 2"
(US release in summer, 2006. Topped the US box office. Japan release in August, 2007.)
Uno is now appearing in Japanfs household morning drama; Asano Renzoku TV Shosetsu "HITOMI."
Takahiro Nishijima is playing the lead role in Japanese film "AINO MUKIDASHI" (directed by Shion Sono) released in 2008. Nishijima is also appearing in theatrical play "HAROLUDO TO MODO" with famed Japanese actress Ruriko Asaoka, from June 2008. Chiaki Ito is playing the lead role 'Hagumi Hanamoto' in Taiwan drama "HONEY AND CLOVER." The member's fields are expanding day and night.
In 9/22/2007, celebrating the 2nd anniversary, AAA was able to put out another live at Nippon Budokan. The show was a success, selling out the box office.
Meanwhile, the latest single "MIRAGE" entered Oricon ranking 1st place.
AAA have just announced that 3rd anniversary live will be implemented on 9/22/2008, at Nippon Budokan.