2017.01.22  TV
Appare at TV Asahi "Kanjani Kanzen NenSHOW".
2016.12.14  TV
Performance song at Fuji TV group"2016 FNS Music Festival 2nd Night" has been decided !
2016.12.09  TV
December 9th (Fri), Will appear on Japan TV's BUZZ RHYTHM
2016.12.14  TV
Appearance on Fuji TV group "2016 FNS Song Festival the second night".
2016.11.22  RADIO
Appear as a guest in J-Wave "Beat Planet".
2016.11.19  TV
Appear live as a guest in TBS "CDTV".
2016.11.21  TV
Appearance on MUSIC ON! TV "ZOOM UP!" with comments.
Kyushu and Okinawa Area Kyushu and Okinawa Area Information of broadcasting on TV
2016.04.27  WEB
ダンスニュースメディアサイト“Dews” 『DAICHI MIURA × Shingo Okamoto interview (First ver.)』 Is released!
2016.04.23  RADIO
Inter FM897 Appears on April 23(Sat)Inter FM897「TOKYO DANCE PARK」
2016.04.21  WEB
2016.04.09  RADIO
J-WAVE 4/9 (Sat) Live appearance on J-WAVE "RADIO DONUTS"
2016.04.09  TV
Music Japan TV April 9th (Sat) Music Japan TV "Music Japan TV Countdown" etc.
2016.04.08  TV
NTV April 8th (Fri) Nippon Television Network "Buzz rhythm" On air
2016.04.07  TV
MBS April 7th (Thr) MBS "MBS SONG TOWN" On air
2016.04.07  TV
MTV April 7th(Thu) MTV“UrbanMellow Special Selected by DAICHI MIURA”
2016.04.05  TV
MeTele April 5 (Tue) MeTele "BOMBER-E" On air
2016.04.05  RADIO
Kansai area Radio April Kansai area Radio performance information
2016.04.01  RADIO
CBC Radio April 1st (Fri) CBC Radio "Nagaoka x Scramble" On air
2016.04.01  RADIO
TOKYO FM April 1st(Fri) TOKYO FM "LOVE CONNECTION" comment appearance