Born on August 24th 1987, from Okinawa prefecture.
Debuts as the main vocalist for Folder in 1997.Releases the single "Keep It Goin' On' in March 2005, his solo debut.
Has a natural singing voice and a sense of rhythm, a super entertainer able to manage choreography, song writing and playing instruments. Thanks to his perfect singing skill and world-class dancing, his performances are unmatched. In 2012, his first appearance in Nippon Budoukan was sold out in minutes.It made a very successful first show without supporting acts at Yokohama Arena in 2013.He won the award of Best R&B award (he got it in 2015, consecutive 2 years), at 「MTV VMAJ 2014」, which is the festival of music video, and was selected of Best Japan Act at「2014 MTV EMA」. He is highly regarded in and outside of the country. The latest album of FEVER, which was released in September 2015, was recorded number 2 in weekly album charts of Oricon as being his best record.

He sang the songs of the album at 21 performances in 17 places of the country, which was the nation wide holding tour mobilized 45000 people. The tour aroused much comment.


Reason that Daichi Miura「does not do anything special」. Very important film of dancing obtained exclusively & interview

High skill of dancing and ability of singing! 5 films selected where we are attracted by ability of Daichi Miura without thinking seriously.

It was amazingly filmed by 1 cut. We feel goose bumps when we see dancing battle of Daichi Miura and a woman dancer on world level.

His song and dancing were perfect. He worked very hard before he showed his singing and dancing.

The highest difficult level dance performed by DAICHI MIURA, who was a young genius born in Japan is too cool and the level is another dimension. It is hot topic.

「I was really impressed with his song!」  The a cappella song by DAICHI MIURA who is singing that CM song was cool. It is hot topic!