A new single "(RE)PLAY" release event has been decided! (November 23rd(Wed/Holiday) Kanagawa/Lazona Kawasaki)


A new single "(RE)PLAY" release event has been decided!


[Date and Time] November 23rd(Wed/Holiday) 14:00-

[Venue] Kanagawa/Lazona Kawasaki Plaza 2F Roofa Square Grand Stage

[Event Contents] The release event & handshake party


[Starting time for CD sales on the day of the event] 10:00-

*We will sell at the booth specially prepared for CD spot-sale by the stage.

*We will handle only at the on-the-spot sale venue on Nov. 23 (on the event day) from 10:00 a.m.

*We will handle at the target shop on Nov. 22 (the day before the event).


[How to join in the handshaking session]

When you buy a new single "(RE)PLAY" at the target shop on the day before the event or at the venue on that day, we will give "release event joining ticket" in order of arrival. If you have a participation ticket, you can join the handshaking session after the event finished.


Regarding the order of the handshake event -

You will be guided in the order of the reference number of "Release Event Ticket".


Eligible shop:HMV Lazona Kawasaki (Business hours 10:00-21:00)

 ※Eligible purchase period of the Release Event Ticket distributed in other shops than above is before November 22nd(Tue).


Eligible item: The single released on November 23rd, DAICHI MIURA "(RE)PLAY"

[MUSIC VIDEO Edition](CD+DVD) Item number:AVCD-16707/B Price: \1,800(excl. tax) + Tax

[CHOREO VIDEO Edition](CD+DVD) Item number:AVCD-16708/B Price: \1,800(excl. tax) + Tax

[CD ONLY Edition](CD) Item number:AVCD-16709 Price:\1,200(excl. tax) + Tax

Sorry, we cannot accept the credit card.

Various point cards and parking tickets are not eligible.


Important points

Could the participants in this event please follow the important points below.


We are unable to deliver the gift personally. While lining up for the handshake events, please make use of the installed present box.

Viewing is free on the day, but you may not be able to see them depending on how crowded it is.

There are cameras there for news coverage. Please understand in advance that visitors may be filmed.

As it's expected that there will be many visitors attending, we will give guidance so that you can proceed without coming to a halt.

During the handshake event, so that the venue is organized and movement is smooth, please understand in advance that staff may touch visitors' shoulders and arms.

Our number one consideration is the safety of visitors, artists and stars, so we will be doing baggage searches and also taking hold of bags temporarily.

We are managing the venue for the event with a pledge for perfection, but if you notice any suspicious persons or suspicious objects, please tell the security guards.

While participating in the handshake event, please remove any rings or bracelets.

The release event participants' ticket is for participation in the handshake event afterwards. Please understand that this is not a guarantee for viewing the event.

Customers who buy articles on the day are provided with a release event ticket, but please understand in advance that distribution will end if we reach the maximum limit by the day before or on the day of the event.

CDs are scheduled to begin selling from 10am on the day. However, depending on how crowded it is, please understand that the start time for sales of CDs may change without prior notice.

When purchasing CDs on the day of the event, pay the total amount in cash. You cannot use credit cards.

In addition to the condition of the facilities or weather, we may end the handshake event depending on the situation with people waiting in line.

For visitors with several "release event participation tickets", if participating a second or further time in the handshake event, can you line up again at the end of the line.

Please understand that we cannot reissue "release event participation tickets" again for any reason (including loss or theft).

"Release event participation tickets" are only valid at the specified time on the day of the event.

Taking photos, audio recording or videoing artists' performances is absolutely prohibited.

The number of sales items and "release event participation tickets" are limited. Please understand in advance that sales will end once they run out.

Children of elementary school age and above need a separate children's "release event participation ticket".

Original HMV benefits are outside the scope of our sales items.

Travel and accommodation expenses on the day are the responsibility of the visitor.

The contents of the event may change without prior notice. Please understand this in advance.

We intend to carry out the event even if it's raining, but if we judge that carrying out the event is dangerous due to stormy weather or strong winds, or there is a breakdown or damage to the venue's facilities, or for reasons of a traffic accident or act of God, if we judge that the performance cannot be carried out, we may stop, suspend or change the event. Please understand in advance that, if this happens, we absolute cannot refund any items purchased.

As for a defective item, I can only exchange when everything is all intact.

*Due to being a nuisance to the neighbors, please refrain from waiting for the artist around the entrance of the venue. Also, please try not to hang out around the venue after the event.

*The venue is located in the commercial facilities. There will be many people who are not for the event there. Please keep it in mind.

*It's prohibited to sit in or disturbing other business stores.

When you stay at the venue overnight, it may cause some troubles to the neighbors, please refrain from reserving a spot in the early morning since it it will be a nuisance. In a case of finding an act of reserving a spot overnight, we may have to cancel the event.

Reserving a spot for a long period of time using your belongings or a tarp in the entire area is prohibited. As soon as we find one, our staff and the security people will remove it immediately.

Especially, please refrain from reserving a spot when there are several events are planned on a same day as it will be a disturbance to others.

Using a tarp is prohibited even if it's for people.

Also, the sponsor, the venue and the guests will not be responsible for regarding removed items and unattended items.

Please refrain from contacting the venue or it may cause to cancel the event.

If you have any questions, please contact us in advance.

Please understand that we may not be able to answer your questions on a day of the event.

Please follow the staff inside the facilities for the event.

The sponsor, the venue and the guests will not be responsible for any accidents or theft occurred inside and outside of the venue.

To prevent from confusion on the day of the self, we may set a limit for various situations for the event.

We may cancel the event or may refuse you to participate in the event of disobeying from the above.

[Inquiry about the event]

Avex Music Creative Co., Ltd.

0570-064-414(weekdays 11:00-18:00)

HMV Lazona Kawasaki

044-520-8160(Saturdays, Sundays and Holidays 10:00-21:00)