前作「FEVER」から約1年6ヶ月ぶりとなる今作「HIT」は、自身最高難易度のダンスに挑戦した『Cry & Fight』、ブレイクダンス世界大会"Red Bull BC One World Final 2016"テーマソング『(RE)PLAY』、そして"仮面ライダーエグゼイド"テレビ主題歌『EXCITE』などのシングル3曲に加え、新録曲としてすでにライブでは披露されていた『Neon Dive』や『Hang In There』、そしてSOIL&"PIMP"SESSIONSのプロデュースによる『Rise Up feat. SOIL&"PIMP"SESSIONS』などの9曲を加えた全12曲収録。







01 Darkest Before Dawn
04 Neon Dive
05 Body Kills
06 Darkroom
07 Can’t Stop Won’t Stop Loving You
08 Rise Up feat. SOIL&”PIMP”SESSIONS
09 Star
10 誰もがダンサー
11 Cry & Fight
12 Hang In There


2017.03.03 NEWS
It is fixed that he will appear on "TEAM BEYOND LIVE FIELD 2017 at Toyosu PIT", being limited to the member of TEAM BEYOND!
2017.03.02 NEWS
The Music Video of a new song "Darkest Before Dawn" has been disclosed on YouTube!
2017.02.28 NEWS
"DAICHI MIURA LIVE TOUR (RE) PLAY FINAL at National Yoyogi Stadium First Gymnasium SCREENING PARTY !!" will be held!
2017.02.24 NEWS
A splendid campaign that you can apply by enclosed serial of a new album "HIT" released on the 22nd of March (Wed.) is decided.
2017.02.24 NEWS
2017.02.24 NEWS
DAICHI MIURA X Shinseido "HIT" campaign is set!
2017.01.25 NEWS
The collaboration campaign of DAICHI MIURAxJOYSOUND has started!
2017.01.22 NEWS
Miura Daichi , Aniticipated New CD Album "HIT" release announcement. Live DVD and Blue ray disc on the same day!
2017.01.16 MEDIA
[ TV ] Appare at TV Asahi "Kanjani Kanzen NenSHOW".
2016.12.30 LIVE
March 11, 2017 (Sat) "Daichi Miura Special Live in Nakagusuku castle" is set!
2016.12.28 NEWS
「EXCITE」Music Video is released on YouTube!
2016.12.12 NEWS
A new single, "EXCITE"(released on Jan 18th) will be on-air on the radio for the first time!
2016.12.11 NEWS
The limited-time movie of "Red Bull BC One World Final 2016," DAICHIMIURA took part as a guest commentator, is now available on Red Bull TV!
2016.12.11 NEWS2
I would like to inform you.
2016.12.09 MEDIA
[ TV ] Performance song at Fuji TV group"2016 FNS Music Festival 2nd Night" has been decided !
2016.12.08 NEWS
Rakuten books buyer's original benefits. Design release of Other jackets!
2016.12.06 MEDIA
[ TV ] December 9th (Fri), Will appear on Japan TV's BUZZ RHYTHM
2016.12.02 NEWS
The CD Jacket photo of "EXCITE" which is the theme song for TV program "Kamen Rider Ex-Aid" sung by MIURA DAICHI is released!
2016.11.27 NEWS
The release of the single "Excite", the theme song of "Kamen Rider Ex-aid", sung by Daichi Miura has been set.
2016.11.19 MEDIA
[ TV ] Appearance on Fuji TV group "2016 FNS Song Festival the second night".
2016.11.18 NEWS
Red Bull BC One × Daichi Miura × TOWER RECORDS
「Red Bull BC One World Final 2016」 sold out premium ticket present campaign has been decided!!
2016.11.18 NEWS
Miura Daichi will appear on 「Red Bull BC One World Final 2016」 as a guest commentator!
2016.11.16 NEWS
Yahoo! ticket of "DAICHI MIURA LIVE TOUR 2016 (RE)PLAY" additional performance preceding application will start at 15:00 on November 17th(Thu)!
2016.11.16 NEWS
DAICHI MIURA "(RE)PLAY" Music Video has been selected for "MTV BUZZ CLIP" for the latter half of November!
2016.11.16 NEWS
A new single "(RE)PLAY" release event has been decided! (November 23rd(Wed/Holiday) Kanagawa/Lazona Kawasaki)
2016.11.15 MEDIA
[ RADIO ] Appear as a guest in J-Wave "Beat Planet".
2016.11.15 MEDIA
[ TV ] Appear live as a guest in TBS "CDTV".
2016.11.11 MEDIA
[ TV ] Appearance on MUSIC ON! TV "ZOOM UP!" with comments.
2016.11.04 NEWS
"(RE)PLAY" music video full-scale showing on YouTube!
2016.11.03 NEWS
The additional "DAICHI MIURA LIVE TOUR 2016 (RE)PLAY" show to be pre-reserved from Pia at the moment!
2016.11.03 NEWS
KAMEN RIDER 45th Birthday Anniversary × Memorial for Super Squadron Series 40 Works "45×40 Thanksgiving Anniversary LIVE and SHOW" on January 21st (sat), The performance in "KAMEN RIDER DAY" is fixed!
2016.11.03 NEWS
ADPJ new T-shirt pre-order campaign is started !
2016.11.02 NEWS
The new song of Daichi Miura, "(RE)PLAY" to be pre-distributed from today, the 2nd of November (Wed)!
2016.11.01 NEWS
Daichi Miura, Meet & Greet has been officially scheduled after his first solo performance at Yoyogi 1st Gymnasium!
2016.11.01 NEWS
DAICHISHIKI "Re-play" the set of three types to purchase at once. The design of the original special calendar is published!
2016.11.01 NEWS
The music video of DAICHI MIURA's new song "(RE)PLAY" is launched precursively at free movie channel GYAO!
2016.10.15 TOUR
"DAICHIMIURA LIVE TOUR 2016 (RE) PLAY" Additional Performance · to be held on January 22 (Sun), 2017!
2016.04.27 MEDIA
[ WEB ] 『DAICHI MIURA × Shingo Okamoto interview (First ver.)』 Is released!
2016.04.19 NEWS
Appears on April 26(Tue) TBS「Good Time Music」
2016.04.11 NEWS
4/17 (Sun) Appealing on Fuji TV "Sakigake! MUsic"
2016.04.11 NEWS
April 15th (Fri) Fuji Television "Love music" appearance
2016.04.04 MEDIA
[ TV ] April 8th (Fri) Nippon Television Network "Buzz rhythm" On air
2016.04.04 MEDIA
[ RADIO ] 4/9 (Sat) Live appearance on J-WAVE "RADIO DONUTS"
2016.04.01 MEDIA
[ RADIO ] April Kansai area Radio performance information
2016.04.01 MEDIA
[ TV ] April 7th (Thr) MBS "MBS SONG TOWN" On air
2016.04.01 MEDIA
[ TV ] April 9th (Sat) Music Japan TV "Music Japan TV Countdown" etc.
2016.03.31 MEDIA
[ RADIO ] April 1st(Fri) TOKYO FM "LOVE CONNECTION" comment appearance
2016.03.31 NEWS
Guest apperance on "Asunal Kanayama presents KeraKera x Asunal Treasure" on April 3 (Sun) at FM Public Recording Event has been confirmed!
2016.03.31 MEDIA
[ TV ] April 7th(Thu) MTV“UrbanMellow Special Selected by DAICHI MIURA”
2016.03.30 NEWS
"Cry & Fight -Dance Edit Video" will be released in YouTube!