Information of release the additional performance of "Nissy Entertainment 1st LIVE" by Nissy (Takahiro Nishijima)!

The release date of Nissy additional performance:

December 24th (sat), 2016 10:00 start


(Yokohama Arena)


January 21st (sat), 2017 Open venue 15:00 / Start performance 16:00

January 22nd (sun), 2017 Open venue 14:00 / Start performance 15:00


-Yahoo! Ticket

Reception at Website [PC/Mobile]


-Ticket Pier

Registration Line- Special phone line for day of sale only, special phone number 0570-02-9930 (P code unnecessary)

*After the date of sale, call phone number 0570-02-9999 (P code 318-836)

Online registration -  [PC/ Mobile]

In-store sales: 7-11 (Multi-copy machine), Circle K-Sankus (K-station), Pier stores


-Lawson Tickets

By phone => Special phone number for the launch date only=0570-084-638 [L code not necessary]

Phone number for other dates after the launch=0570-084-003[ L code: 71815]

By Web => [PC/ Mobile]

At stores => Lawson/Mini-Stop [Lopppi]


-e+ (e-plus)

by Web => [PC/ Mobile]

At stores => FamilyMart [Fami Port]


-Kyodo Tokyo

By phone=> Dedicate Number for launch date only=0570-089-980

*For other dates after the launch=0570-550-799

By web => [PC/ Mobile]